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  1. Need 2 managers to take over 2 teams in a fantasy basketball money league...No fee required with a $640 pot..1 team is in 5th place only 2.5 games behind..The other is in 18th place..Might split money between both teams if money won by any of the 2 teams..Let me know ASAP please.
  2. I'm interested need details...Garylee2@yahoo.com
  3. I'm looking to joining a fantrax league with 16 teams or more..I'm a experience and good fantasy player who wants to try a fantrax league for the first time..
  4. 30 year league with 18 teams..Very competitive with never ending smacktalk with full payout to top 3 teams..Next year we will be moving to a Auction draft so join now..We only need 2-3 Managers who want to compete..We have Leagues for every sport
  5. 25 year very competitive Basketball Keeper League..This is the last year of Standard draft with 3 Keepers..Next year we will start Auction draft with a fee of $50..18-20 teams
  6. 2 very good managers looking for a paying\free League to join..Must have serious managers that's in a serious league.We love to talk smack but we love the competition more.We don't know each other but we love to compete..Thanks
  7. Looking for experience managers for startup Dynasty League..Will start as a Auction but will use a 5 round snake draft after year 1...Keep 20 players for as long as you want.
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