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  1. Playing MJIII over him. Seen this show too many times before.
  2. Yep - much higher likelihood of (1) being a decoy or (2) re-injuring than having a good game. I'm benching for either MJIII or Malcolm Brown, not sure which yet. MJIII probably has a blow up game if Kenny plays.
  3. Jeff Wilson is honestly a decent add at this point correct?
  4. Easy translation: take the "we" out anywhere you see it and you have what he really meant.
  5. Philly has a good run D, just vulnerable at LB hence the massive game from Higbee and Henderson through the air. Next week at Buffalo is a terrible matchup but Brown is a buy low/easy pickup for week 4 vs NYG imo. Personally I'm benching and holding and likely starting week 4 if Akers is still out.
  6. Thank goodness I didn't listen to your entire page of saying Fournette is worthless - I'm going to win my week because of it.
  7. Fournette is the second best "backup" behind Hunt. That's the point. There's only one team that's brought in a proven caliber backup to actually be a backup. LF is better than Murray or Dobbins. Fournette is not going to be a backup.
  8. Look around the league at starting RBs and look at the guys that team brings in to back them up. Not a single one of them is as good as Fournette lol.
  9. Interesting that two different publications have the offensive lines rated so differently. Looks like PFF has them 13th going into 2020 based on the loss of Dotson and replacement by Wirfs. Another interesting thing to note is the change from Winston to Brady should help with pre-snap management and general efficiency of play calling.
  10. Boston Scott and Greg Ward are on a good team. And if you kept them the entirety of the season you would pretty much wasted two roster spots. Point being that unknown random RBs on terrible teams (not PHI) are almost always useless. Keep in mind that Arian Foster, the name brought up here multiple times, was on a good offense with the #2 offensive line in the league in 2010. Jacksonville's offense is terrible, their OLine is bottom tier, and they are not going to be in many positive game scripts. Give me a flier on a good offense like McKinnon, Jamaal Williams or AJ Dillon, Malc
  11. Typically when you're unsure of who is going to start and there is no clear cut guy on a bad team, they all end up somewhere between 200-700 yards. See the Lions last year after KJ's injury, RoJo/Barber, PIT after Conner went down, Atlanta's entire backfield, etc. I have pretty much zero confidence the Jags are turning one of these unknown guys, in this offense, into someone I would ever feel confident starting.
  12. In a 10 team league KJ has little value. He can't handle a full workload, but has proven to be very effective with a moderate workload (12-16 touches). He's solid as a receiver so can certainly be used as a FLEX in 12 or 14 team leagues even in a committee with AP but any smaller than that and I think he's basically worthless.
  13. The 2017 Jags were really good....but this is without a doubt the best offense he's ever been on. His best offensive line ranking per PFF was 2017 when the Jags ranked 15th (2018 was 22nd, 2019 was 26th). Fournette averaged 101 yards from scrimmage with on average the 21st best OLine and 22nd best QB from 2017 to 2019, and now moves in his prime to the 7th best OLine and 12th best QB from 2019. The more I think about it the more I think a monster season could be on the way for LF.
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