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  1. Who ever that’s in the league that didn’t pay please let me know, or League will be cancelled.
  2. I just checked all of the forums I posted the league in. Not once have I y your email to send you a league inv. You joined leaguesafe on your own and paid w.o being in the league. Now you’re causing a hassle because you didn’t follow directions when I said “if interested drop your emails below.” Literally everybody gave me their emails except you. NEVER PAY BEFORE JOINING LEAGUE. You will be refunded.
  3. Ok guys. To avoid a investigation or a possible cancellation of the league, can the person whose in the league that didn’t pay yet step forward so You can pay on leaguesafe. what’s your teams name ?
  4. What email did you give me for me to send you the league invite ?
  5. Thank you everyone for joining and paying, good luck to all !
  6. Draft is gonna be at 8pm est just waiting for league to fill to set it up in league. And Thursday games points will be implemented into the matchup
  7. Email sent, don’t forget to pay on league ASAPdrsft starts soon ! Thanks https://leaguesafe.com/join/3953579
  8. Thank you guys ! Everyone is making this as smooth as can be paying right away. 2 more spots left let’s go !!!
  9. To those who paid and didn’t post it here yet can you guys post here with your team name saying “paid” thank you guys that helps a lot !
  10. Email sent. Don’t forget to pay on leaguesafe to secure your spot https://leaguesafe.com/join/3953579
  11. It’s a default snake draft random draft order before draft starts 1min30 sec to begin per round. Will speed up if everyone agrees half way through or later. Interested ?
  12. Email sent. Do t forget to pay asap on leaguesafe to secure your spot, thanks ! https://leaguesafe.com/join/3953579
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