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  1. I owned john kelly with gurley and then cj anderson gets signed while i am at work and then he gets all the carries. A lovely f--- you as a gurley owner in many leagues. In the 1 league i was able to get gurley i started kalen ballage over him thinking gase would want to give kalen 20 touches. Nope 3 way time share.
  2. For regular season in another thread my best reg season team of goff gurley samuels (also a conner owner) chubb aaron jones a brown tyreke hill kittle (left cook kenny g and damian williams on bench) and lost. In another league i started tyreke hill and dj moore at wr and had robby anderson and mike williams on bench so lost that one also. Out of 20 total teams 12 made playoffs and 4 have made it to championship week. Also in the yahoo 100k last week if i played derrick henry instead of saquon i would have won the 100k instead of 200 dollars. (no one is going to cry for me winning 180 profit
  3. Well they are winning money tonight and I am losing yet again. Of course keke barely gets any targets when i have him in the captain.
  4. I do not see how people started d thomas in daily tonight when he was ghosted last week at washington. That is why they win money and keke does phucking nothing.
  5. It is not skill getting pick 1 and selecting gurley. The only gurley shares I have are from auction leagues. Auctions>standard drafts. My best team i went gurley antonio gronk. The cheap guys I bought? Conner hyde adrian peterson. I bought conner thinking maybe leveon goes down with an injury not that leveon would not show up at all. Hopefully leveon gets traded to the jets within a few hours. so I can ride to the playoffs.
  6. Because of Age is why dirk koetter had to go back to jameius, if fitzpatrick is allowed to be the qb for the next 3 years and play for cheap nfl money (5 mil a year) you can load up at other spots on the team. I kind of thing Fitzpatrick would be willing to do this and then you build the defensive line in the next few drafts like the redskins have done. The offense is already there they just need the defense to be better. If the decision is allowed to be dirk alone fitzpatrick should start every game from here on out as long as he remains healthy. In the steelers game on the monday nighter a l
  7. Easy drop. He is not a obvious bust like jamarcus russell or ryan leaf but more of the tease guys who will have moments but will ultimately never be special like jay cutler or Vince Young. The defense has done him no favors for these years but he is not a top 16 nfl qb long term. At least Ryan Ftizpatrick is interesting television to watch and won a big game at new orleans.
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