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  1. Hill is best player in trade. I'd take it. DA looking iffy to play this week. Wentz could bounce back. If he doesn't you could stream QBs. If Jameis is available I might stash him and see how he does. You know he's going to get yards and TDs, it will depend on if he can minimize the INTs.
  2. @kaesr @marcadillo Why drop Cam over Tannehill? Cam has finished as QB12, QB8 and QB11 the past three wks, whereas Tannehill finished 13th, 21st, 21st over that same span. I think we are starting to see the effects of the Titans losing Lewan at LT combined with a tough schedule.
  3. If you have an IR slot, could wait to see if Mixon is out and pick up TE then. Otherwise I'd drop Singletary as Moss has taken over that backfield. If you want to keep Singletary as a handcuff then drop Perine. Please help.
  4. Josh Reynolds emergence has limited Kupp usage. Given that and matchup against TB I would lean towards Cooper. Please help.
  5. Scary Terry. Alex Smith starting to look comfortable and they have to get a passing TD eventually. Please help.
  6. Have Cam and Tannehill. Like Cam's floor because of rush TD potential but his ceiling is capped due to low passing volume. Tannehill was super efficient to start the season, again low pass volume, has not been good for 4 weeks and outside wk 14 (jax) has a tough schedule. Winston is a complete wildcard but with the schedule next 3 weeks he could be a top 5 QB. Varying timelines for Brees return from 2 weeks to not until the playoffs. Winston is a potential league winner or a complete dud. Currently 2nd at 7-3. Feel like I can chase upside. Leaning towards dropping Tannehi
  7. 12 tm .5PPR QB, 2WR, 2RB, TE W/R/T, K, DST Tannehill // WR: Thielen, Woods, Cooks, Aiyuk, AB // RB: Cook, Jacobs, Da. Johnson, D. Monty, Gibson // TE: Hockenson, Goedert Thinking of dropping AB as I feel he is too much of a wildcard and might face additional discipline come December. Other drop candidates: Aiyuk, Cooks, Goedert I think Aiyuk stock is up right now after Kittle injury and Cooks has been peppered with targets last 3 weeks. Goedert didn't look good yesterday but good TEs are hard to find. Should I drop AB or someone else?
  8. 12 team .5PPR QB, 2WR, 2RB, TE, W/R/T, K, DST Tannehill, Wentz /// Cook, Jacobs, Da. Johnson, D. Montgomery, Gibson /// Thielen, Woods, Aiyuk, AB (susp), Lazard (IR) /// Hockenson /// Prater /// Rams DST Lost OBJ. Chark owner put him on trade block. Should I target him and hope bye week and favorable upcoming schedule right the ship? Was thinking of offering Aiyuk as he also has Deebo on his team. I'm frustrated with Woods and could offer him instead. Let me know what you think. Aiyuk or Woods? Thanks and good luck!!
  9. GB RBBC: Picked up AJ Dillon. Sounds like A. Jones still has a chance to play this week and likely won't missed more than one game. Completion: Jamal Williams BAL RBBC: Gus Edwards looked good in place of Mark Ingram. Competition: JK Dobbins. SF RBBC: Coleman still on IR but could return next week. Mostert on IR. Competition: McKinnon, Hasty, Wilson Keep Dillon or pick up Edwards or Coleman? Thanks and good luck!
  10. 12 tm .5PPR WRs Thielen, Woods, OBJ, Boyd, AB TE: Ebron, Goedert (IR) maybe wk 10? TRADE OFFER: Give Boyd Get TJ Hockenson Thanks and good luck!
  11. 12 tm .5PPR QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, W/R/T K DST Tannehill---Cook, Jacobs, D. Monty, Da. Johnson, Gibson---Thielen, Woods, OBJ, Boyd, AB---Ebron (Stashed Ertz and Goedert on IR??)---Prater---Rams DST Lost Ertz..picked up Ebron..looking for a little more stability/upside at TE. Targeted manager with both Waller and Hockenson on his roster. He likes Boyd for Hockenson. He also asked about Da. Johnson or D. Monty. I initially liked Boyd for Hockenson but I think I'm going to counter with DJ. Just don't feel I can withstand losing Boyd--one of my more consistently targete
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