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  1. 12 tm .5ppr QB 2Rb 2WR TE W/R/T K DST Tanne, A. Dalton // Cook (out), Jacobs(bye), D. Montgomery, Da. Johnson, Gibson // Thielen, Woods, OBJ, Boyd, Slayton // Ertz // Sanders // Colts Thinking about dropping Slayton for one of the players on WW: J. Jeudy, Preston Williams, Z. Moss, D. Schultz, E. Ebron. Who would you roster? WHIR Thanks and good luck!
  2. It looks like the commissioner had to override the default setting to push this through.
  3. Evans for DJ Moore and Hunt if they go for that. DJ moore probably frustrated and might be ready to move one..but I think Moore breaks out this week against a terrible ATL secondary and he faces them again in a few weeks.
  4. Apparently only applied to public leagues, not private leagues.
  5. Singletary: (Moss looking doubtful) NFL bending over backwards to get this game played because it doesn't want teams to forfeit a game) Schultz: TE 3 overall since taking over for Jarwin. Higgins: As Cincy liking playing catchup.
  6. Not questioning the deal (Kelley for Monty) just the fact the the commish pushed the trade through after Monty played last night, making him unplayable in fantasy for me this week, but since Kelley hasn't played, he is available to be used in fantasy this week. Seems a bit unfair that my trade partner gets to use the player I traded him this week, whereas I do not get to use the player I received. Simply put I have been denied 1 game of eligibility in this transaction.
  7. @afl5013 Chat with commissioner privately or have a discussion in the league chat room?
  8. I accepted a trade Wednesday to Get: David Montgomery and Give: Joshua Kelley. Good, bad, neutral..time will tell...I am not upset about the trade just the timing of its approval. So trade rules in my league are for a 2 day "review period" unless a player plays in a game which moves the trade to the following Tuesday. Standard, right? So my trade partner benched Monty yesterday. Leaving him starting Duke Johnson over Monty?? The trade was processed by the commissioner after the game @11:45PM instead of it processing next Tuesday. This allows my trade partner to use Kelley (now in hi
  9. I'd stay put. Murray to any of the other QB available is a significant downgrade.I do think Moore is going to break out, maybe this week against ATL. See if you do a trade just for him.
  10. Since you have Mcfarland I would keep Conner. Both have injury history and Mostert is in more of a time share.
  11. Just got a trade offer to GET: David Montgomery and GIVE: Joshua Kelley. Don't know why I'm thinking about this?
  12. I'd make the trade Chubb for Sanders but especially if you can get Chark for bench piece.
  13. Also thought to Drop Wentz, Stash Jimmy G and Stream Mayfield this week (CLE going to need to throw to keep pace with DAL). Could try to pick up Cousins (@SEA, ATL) next week if Jimmy G remains out. Current QBs on WW: Mayfield, Cousins (not off waivers until next week), Carr, Foles, Herbert/TT,
  14. Mayfield, Cousins (not off waivers until next week), Carr, Foles, Herbert/TT,
  15. I like the framework of the deal Carson/Ridley for Jacobs/ARob. However I do think Hines carries more value ROS than Burkhead especially with Harris set to return soon to further muddy the NE backfield. You will need to drop someone when that happens. IMO you would drop Hyde....So why not swap Hyde for Hines in deal as handcuff for Carson and keep Hines. I don't think you need to throw in NE DST....but if that what it takes to upgrade your RB2 position I'd do it.
  16. Carson and Edelman might get it done...might have to swap Carson for Chubb...
  17. I'd hold..the SEA offense has been hyper-efficient so...negative regression is coming. Also, until CMC is back JRob is your RB2...plus we don't know how injury will affect CMC after he returns.
  18. 12 TM .05 PPR QB, RB, RB, WR, WR TE, Flex (R/W/T), K, DST 5 bench Tannehill, Wentz; Cook, Jacobs, David Johnson, Gibson, J. Kelley, D. Harris (IR); Thielen, Woods, OBJ, Boyd; Ertz; Zane; Colts I want to believe Wentz can turn things around if and when his supporting cast gets healthy, but those are big ?'s. Also, dealing with COVID 19 BYE for Tannehill. Thinking about dropping Wentz (tough upcoming schedule @SF, @PIT, BAL), picking up and stashing Jimmy G on IR, picking up and streaming Mullens (PHI, MIA, LAR). Would try to pick up Wentz in a few weeks if things turn around
  19. Oct 1 @NYJ 37-28 Reg 6 7 113 18.8 40 1 Tim Patrick had a night....maybe ppl blow it off as it was against the lowly NYJ...maybe that'll give you a chance to pick him up...KJ Hamler went down with the same hammy that's kept him out of training camp...Jeudy will draw the coverage...might be worth a flier.
  20. Might sound crazy because a lot of FFL players have soured on him...but David Johnson is getting crazy run (100% snap count week 2 and 93% week 3) but has not yet produced due to tough schedule (KC, BAL, PIT). DJ owner might be frustrated. His upcoming schedule is easier. Definite injury risk but so is Mostert. I'd see if you could get him for Boyd straight up or +/- another player. Otherwise what RBs does the Ekeler owner have? See what they'll offer you for Kelley as a handcuff. Thanks for mine.
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