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  1. 3 minutes ago, V3X said:

    What is Ertz doing on the WW.  Get that man! I’d put a claim in for him over Jefferson. I like Higgins. At QB I’d roll out with Big 🍆 Nick Foles. He’s got weapons. Worth a shot at least 


    I was shocked when Ertz was dropped. Sitting at 5th WW position..hoping top 4 will chase WRs and let Ertz fall to me! 🤞

  2. 8 minutes ago, Bruenor said:

    Probably Fitz at QB? Not a ton of great choices. Maybe Bridgewater?

    Far better options at other positions. Fuller and Ertz need to be owned. Take them before anyone in my opinion. 



    Have 5th WW priority...Hoping to drop Higbee for Ertz...Was wondering if I should drop Wentz for another depth piece (R/W/T) or keep due to lack of QB options on the WW?

  3. 12 TM .05 PPR QB, RB, RB, WR, WR TE, Flex (R/W/T), K, DST 5 bench

    Tannehill, Wentz, Cook, Jacobs, David Johnson, Gibson, J. Kelley, D. Harris (IR) ; Thielen, Woods, OBJ, Boyd, Higbee, Zane, Colts

    Drop Wentz? Porous O-line, only one healthy weapon to throw too (Ertz), only worst offense in NYJ. 😬

    Could pick up Fitz, Baker, Herbert, Carr, Foles, Bridgewater? Roll with Tannelhill and pick up another depth piece??

    Other WW candidates.... Lindsay, Malcolm Brown, Hyde, Burkhead; Fuller, AJG, Jefferson, Lazard, Aiyuk, Higgins, Ruggs; Ertz, Aikins, Mo Aliie-Cox; LAR, DEN, KC

  4. I'd keep Julio...he is hurt now but like Thomas..once both are healthy that should give you an advantage at WR over every other team in your league.

    TE is finally deep this year which I feel has somewhat decreased the value of the top TEs. I'm not sure anyone would draft, Kelce, Kittle, Andrews in 1st 2 rounds today knowing that they could draft Jonnu, Hockenson, Fant, Gesicki in double digit rounds.

    Hope this helps. Thanks and good luck!


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  5. 12 TM .05 PPR QB, RB, RB, WR, WR TE, Flex (R/W/T), K, DST 5 bench

    Tannehill, Wentz, Cook, Jacobs, David Johnson, Gibson, J. Kelley, Thielen, Woods, OBJ, Boyd, Higbee, Zane, Colts.

    Someone in my league inexplicably dropped Ertz (slow start I know I have Wentz). If they get hot I think its a great stack. 

    Was thinking about picking him up for Higbee? Both have week 9 bye so keeping both doesn't make a lot of sense. Not sure who else to drop?

    Other WW candidates.... Fitz, Baker, Herbert; Lindsay, M. Brown, Hyde, Burkhead; Fuller, AJG, Jefferson, Lazard, Aiyuk, Higgins; Aikins, Mo Aliie-Cox; LAR, DEN, KC

    Put in the claim but was looking for feedback...not sure I'll get him as I have 5th WW position. 

  6. I like your stack with Stafford and Golladay...I think better days are ahead for both. However if you can get a potential top 5 at their position player (Murray, Dak) for your 3rd or 4th RB (barring injury) I think that gives you a better chance for a higher weekly point total.  I agree with previous commenters that at this moment it seems a bit high to give up Robinson straight for one of the QBs. Maybe ask for a lower tier/high upside WR to package with one of the QBs. 

  7. 12 tm .5ppr: Wentz, Tannehill, Cook, Jacobs, David Johnson, Kelley, Gibson, Thielen, Woods, OBJ, Boyd, Higbee Z. Gonzalez, Colts DST

    Worried Higbee only has 9 trgts on the seasons, granted 3 went for TDs, but I know that is unsustainable. Should I try to sell high?

    Also concerned with OBJ on run first team. I have 5 players on bye week 9. 

    Was looking to package OBJ & Higbee for DJ Moore & Hurst. Would you make this deal? Would you take this deal? Thanks and good luck.


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