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  1. I would drop DJAX...he puts up big games here and there but is not consistent. Don't see a time where you would start him over the other 6 WRs on your team.

    Pick up Thompson..remember his breakout yr in WAS under Jay Gruden..well Gruden is now the OC in JAX..I think he has a better chance as a flex play VS DJAX and upgrades your depth at RB. JAX likely playing from behind a lot with that DST this yr.

  2. Solid team. Picking Watson and Thomas should give you advantage over your weekly opponents most weeks. You need that at some position(s) when drafting 9th.

    Cooper puts up good numbers by the end of the season, but I've always found him to be inconsistent (win you some weeks, but lose you some weeks).

    Marvin Jones is always underrated and under appreciated. If Stafford stays healthy he will have a good year.

    Good luck!

  3. Good looking team.

    I like Reagor and hope he gets healthy. Only other semi decent WR option on that team is Jeffery if and when he gets healthy. 

    Like my team Higbee is a question, hopefully we get that 5 game stretch from last season. lol

    Opp Score Type Rec Tgt Yds Y/R Long TD KR Yds Avg Long TD PR Yds Avg Long TD Fumb FumL
    Dec 29 ARI Reg 8 12 84 10.5 22 1 - - - - - - - - - - 0 0
    Dec 21 @SF Reg 9 11 104 11.6 20 0 - - - - - - - - - - 0 0
    Dec 15 @DAL Reg 12 14 111 9.3 26 0 - - - - - - - - - - 0 0
    Dec 8 SEA Reg 7 11 116 16.6 33 0 - - - - - - - - - - 0 0
    Dec 1 @ARI Reg 7 8 107 15.3 26 1



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  4. 27 minutes ago, Boudewijn said:

    I think it'll be more of a 1A/1B situation with Mike Boone, both have proven to be fairly valuable. I wouldn't drop him for WR/TE help just yet, but I do think that having only Higbee is a bit thin. If you wait that long on TE I'd add another breakout candidate like JSmith/ISmith/IThomas you mention.


    Who you dropping for TE help? Preston Williams since FA WR has a fair amount of options? I would feel pretty thin at WR. 

  5. I'm a fan of RB depth as well (someone always gets nicked up). Duke stock goes up significantly if DJ gets hurt, similar for Harris and Sony. 

    Might not help your roster directly, would give you trade trade bait for DJ/Sony owner to upgrade another position.

  6. 6th pick --- 12 team .5PPR 6th pick QB, RB, RB, WR WR, TE, W/R/T, DST, K,  5 BN


    D. Cook, Jacobs, David Johnson, B. Scott, A. Gibson, A. Mattison

    Theilen, OBJ, Woods, Preston Williams


    NE DST

    M. Gay


    Like security of having Mattison, but not sure he assumes bell cow role?? Drop him for WR/TE help?

    FA: Watkins, Tate, Aiyuk, Ruggs, Judy, Harry, Lazard, Robby Anderson, Parris Campbell / Jonnu Smith, Irv Smith, Ian Thomas.

  7. 20 minutes ago, Jtitalia said:

    Im not a fan of Olsen but you have Everett.  Still, hate having the big question mark with Adams.  Really can't blame you for taking that trade if you are feeling it.  You can pick up J Brown which would be my top choice on waiver.  Thanks for mine!


    I would be getting Kelce and Cooks and sending D. Adams and Olsen.

    After trade:

    Wentz, Mahomes (out)

    Aaron Jones, M. Mack, Gurley, Singletary

    Sutton, Boyd, D. Adams Cooks, Fuller (Out)

    Olsen Kelce, Everett


    Bills DST

  8. Westbrook > Stills over Kirk > Lazard

    Ty Johnson> Kirk and Lazard.

    I would prioritize Westbrook and drop Lazard. I would claim Johnson over Stills and Drop Kirk or even Sanders.

    If you miss out on Ty Johnson would try to pick up either Samuels or Snell to protect against Conner injury (Conner has been banged up this yr.) 

     Hope this helps. Good luck!

    Pls help with mine.


  9. 10 team .25PPR 5 bench

    Wentz, Mahomes (Out)

    Aaron Jones, M. Mack, Gurley, Singletary

    Sutton, Boyd, D. Adams (Out), Fuller (Out)

    Olsen, Everett


    Bills DST


    Current Offer: Give: D. Adams and Olsen Get: Cooks and Kelce

    Not sure when Adams will be back and if he will be the same player. Olsen has already had the weakest part of his schedule and has looked old a times.


    Cooks has not been very productive to date, but the Rams offense as a whole has looked bad, too much talent to stay that way too much longer.

    Kelce is a stud at a thin position and I don't think his production takes a big a hit w/ Mahomes out. 


    After trade could look to waivers for WR help. Currently...J. Brown, Ty Williams, Cal Ridley, Westbrook, Samuel, Watkins, Golden Tate, MVS, R. Anderson, Kirk.  


    Leaning towards pulling the trigger. Thoughts??? Thanks and good luck!

  10. I definitely like this move in a vacuum. Sold Diggs high and Brieda part of a committee, granted a prolific committee to date, but still a committee.

    Does make you weaker at RB2.

    Is Guice available on waivers??? Sounds like he could be back in the next few weeks. Might be worth a dart throw. Especially if you can stash him in an IR slot.

    In the meantime, you might be able to pick up a high end handcuff (Mattison, Edmonds, Pollard, Wilkins), you never know.  

    Also might try to flip Cooks for an underachieving RB (D. Montgomery; Devin Singletary).

    Hope this helps. Good luck.

  11. Bench Mahomes tonight...???  He hasn't looked the same since Indy game Den DST better lately and at home.


    Mahomes @ Den VS Wentz@Dal  VS Allen, Buf @Mia (FA)   I would need to drop Wentz to add Allen


    Lineup:                   Bench:                 

    Mahomes,              Wentz                  

    Mack, A. Jones,     Singletary

    Boyd, Sutton          D. Adams (Q)

    Everett                   Olsen (Bye)


    Buf DST



    Probably getting "too cute"


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