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  1. I can’t wait to see what Drake can do with Maxx Williams back
  2. In a Hard Knocks episode this year, Herbert told Keenan Allen ‘my job is to get you the ball”. I meant Chark will be peppered with targets
  3. Definitely a hold, look at that backfield and let me know who’s better than Breida when healthy. He’ll be serviceable until Gaskin comes back
  4. How soon people forget Breida’s 2019 5.1 YPC..
  5. Is it just me or is this dude perennially undervalued every year?
  6. The question is which one of Miller or Mooney draws Lattimore coverage?
  7. He had a gruesome injury to the same ankle back at Alabama. I think he’s crying because of the trauma of the ankle. if you haven’t seen the injury you can find it on YouTube. It’s on par with Dak’s injury Gotta feel for the guy in a contract year, hopefully nothing serious
  8. I can see Glennon and Chark similar to the Foles saving ARob situation. He definitely has better arm talent than Minshew
  9. Exactly this. Gallup dropped a TD. Budda Baker showed full blitz on a play and Tony Pollard didn't even notice him to get Dalton almost killed.
  10. He was more involved this week from the eye test. Kyler only completed 9 passes lol. Yes, Murray vultures TDs but he's scored in b2b weeks and is guaranteed 15+ touches. All the talk of him not looking spry, you just have to look at his 69 yard TD run on his 20th carry to see he's the same player as last year. He's trending up IMO, but I see why people are selling high too.
  11. They used him on a lot more routes than any other game this season on par with Kingsbury's comments of using him better. Maxx Williams should be back soon. you can't really sell, so just enjoy the ride 😎
  12. Should be a great match up against Dallas next week..
  13. It’s hard to give up on a 94% (week 6) snap share WR. I’ve watched the OC discuss this past week that they are designing plays for him, but they won’t force it to him either. TY himself sounded super frustrated in his own interview. I’m personally stashing him on my bench. Opportunity is still there.
  14. He’s too good to leave on the bench, I’ll take the risk
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