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  1. I'd add Swift and Penny to this list, Swift MAY have been dropped in the past few weeks he was out Swift - Fully transitioning into the workhorse role. Downside is who knows what the new staff does with him Penny - Pick him up now to stash. IF the Seahawks do not resign Carson, they have 1st round draft capital in Penny and I see him being the main guy next year, unless Dallas or another signing is better. He was explosive last year the few weeks leading up to his ACL.
  2. For me, I'd bench Thomas. Can't believe I'm saying that, but Rojo is a good back, who (last I checked) was getting more involved. Their stud WR Evans is out. Plus I value RBs more. Thomas is not who he was last year and doesn't have Brees. Help with mine?
  3. Davis for me, as long as he is healthy. If he is not 100%, then CEH. Help?
  4. .5 PPR, 1st round of playoffs. Pretty devastated by injuries, and by my choice NOT to play Akers this week. Below is my lineup as I currently have it, would you make any changes? Currently projected to win by 1 pt. QB - Big Ben RB1 - Jacobs RB2 - Robinson WR1 - DK WR2 - Woods (already played, only got me 5pts) TE - Hock Flex - David Montgomery Flex - Swift BENCH - Pollard, Akers (20pts ugh), Deebo, Claypool, Bills, Mixon (IR), DJ Moore (IR), Penny (IR) WHIR!
  5. Nobody was out of the playoffs as a result, he just got a more favorable matchup for round 1
  6. Ya, $50 buy-in for the league, only ten team but still, $500 isn't pocket change for any of us.
  7. I'm the comish of our competitive league. I have a player who has secured the 6th seed and is sitting out Mahomes, Kelcie and a key RB and has lost, likely would have won if they had been kept in. My question is, how do you feel about owners purposefully losing to (a) secure a better playoff run and/or (b) secure a better draft slot? This is a keeper league. I'm not a fan of it at all, curious for other options.
  8. Does it change anything that I have J Rob at RB too? Hard to start two Jags in my opinion.
  9. I lean Fuller & Moore, don't trust Chark this year, especially with a rookie QB. Help with mine?
  10. Fuller & Higgins for full PPR, though Ballage if you need a safe floor. Help?
  11. .5 PPR Need to pick two of the following four: DJ Moore McKissic Chark Woods WHIR
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