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  1. Of course weather can effect players/games, but last year everyone was freaking out on here about Butker kicking in a snowstorm in the fantasy playoffs and I got in my head and pulled him and started a scrub off the wire and Butker killed it and I lost by 2. Had I stayed with my starter I win and then win by 30 in the title game to repeat, just saying.
  2. He came back in and played on the injury last week and he killed it when Rogers wasn't shitting his pants after the snap. He started out with 3 catches out of 3 and all were 1st downs, then Rogers got that deer in the headlights look in his eyes and stopped looking for him. I'm planning on starting him and getting back on track.
  3. 14 team keeper league I will take that in my flex.
  4. Lifetime Cowboy fan here and 20+ year fantasy owner. Last year I tried to trade for him and couldn't get him so I made sure to grab him this year. In a 14 team keeper league I got him and Kupp early and thought with Hop I would have one of the best rec. groups. Not so much. Goff is horrible and I never would have guessed a rookie could come in and displant Gallup who looked to be on the rise to the top rec. He has killed me in my flex so I can't trust him anymore and am close to dropping him. He's good enough and a top rec on any other team, but with Lamb there it's just too much. He makes ama
  5. I think he will be lucky to be back after the bye. Those foot injuries can be really tricky. He probably shouldn't have come back in the game last week after he hurt it. Sounds like he just did damage. I scooped Gio up today and starting him over McKinnon in my flex. Sounds like Gio is the bell cow for a min. of 2 weeks.
  6. I've owned Hop since he was a rookie in a keeper league and once the season is 4-6 games in he just doesn't practice much anymore. He was questionable almost all of last year with an ankle and he is always out there. Has only missed 2 games in his career. He will be out there. I use to sweat it, but I don't even blink anymore. Hell someone dropped Kirk and I am not even going to ut in for him even though I have the #1 priority. I feel pretty good Hop will be questionable the rest of the year and play each game unless a new real injury pops up.
  7. I feel like Drake could go off or flop, but Hollywood is that type of player also and Jackson hasn't been as sharp as last year. If Drake gets his normal 18 carries against the Cowboys I don't see how he fails. If he does that's it for me. Having Murray stealing tds left and right inside the 5 does suck, but at least Drake salvaged last week with a score. I have been targeting Dallas, ATL and the Jets D with players all season. You could also throw in SEA. Most these games are in the 30s and a lot of FF pts to go around. That's the only reason I feel ok with Drake this week is because I think
  8. I hate to say it, but I feel like I have to trot Drake out there again due to playing Dallas. They haven't been stopping anyone and now have Dalton at QB. I know it's risky and Edmonds is getting touches, but ARZ still seems to want to give Drake the bulk of the carries and he did score last week. I don't feel great about it, but Dallas on defense has made a lot of guys look great this year.
  9. Isn't he already in KC and a physical away from being a chef? That's what I thought I heard earlier. Done deal. Is it not?
  10. I don't think some get that the Jets will be paying for Bell this year and he will be paying for the league min. where ever he goes. Therefore it's more of where Bell wants to go not who wants him the most. With money not involved I would imagine he goes where he can have a shot at being the man to build up his potential contract for 2021 and a contender. Of course he could go to a place like Miami that isn't a contender, but that he is comfortable with and thinks he can be happy there long term. Chicago and the Bills should be knocking down his door, but since these things rarely go as expect
  11. Bears make the most sense, Montgomery isn't scaring anyone off and Cohen is out. KC is a injured rookie away from trouble in the backfield and if they would bring in washed up McCoy why not Bell. Singletary didn't look to hot tonight. In order I would think Chicago, KC, Buffalo, but don't count out ARZ. I think the rb coach there was his in Pitt. For those discounting Bell I don't think you understand how much of a specific runner he is. He has his own style and is a patient runner waiting for holes to open. You can't do that on the **** Jets because its a gang rush at the snap. However they c
  12. Freeman got signed, Bell won't last long. I really think the Bears makes the most sense and is a place where he could get 15+ touches.
  13. Free at last, free at last. Gase and the Jets are so horrible. How Gase still has a job is amazing to me. He took a RB that was one of the best receivers in the NFL and didn't even use him in the passing game. I would love to see Bell in Chicago. They loss Cohen and Montgomery seems to struggle. I think Bell would be a huge upgrade for the Bears and they have a shot at the playoffs this year.
  14. The Steelers are the best D in football in my opinion, but I would look at the schedule, especially for playoffs.
  15. The Giants aren't great at corner on the second receiver. Dak should be able to pick them apart with Gallup on the outside with Cooper getting most the attention. Like others have mentioned Danny Dimes has weapons and has played elite defenses which Dallas is miles from so this will be a game. I could see Dallas over them something like 34-24. I'm thinking of using Gallup in my flex over McKinnon and Bell and I really like McKinnon, but I think Gallup could have a game like a few weeks ago where he went off.
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