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  1. With julio jones out and the falcons trying to keep up with kc I would lean towards Gave with beasly right behind him
  2. Does jax not having Robinson change anyone's mind?
  3. I would go with Davis here. Even if zeke plays he's still nursing an injury that could give Pollard more of an opportunity.
  4. Chicago vs Jax or Cleveland vs Jets. Both are good options but which one do you like more?
  5. Hurts vs Dallas or Tannehill vs Green Bay. The person I'm playing has AJ Brown and Henry
  6. I would still go with Carson here. It's tough but I feel like they will lean on him more
  7. If I win I'm in and it's going to come down to picking one of these for tonight. Who do you like better in standard scoring
  8. Which do you favor in standard scoring. Hollister @ PHI Everett vs BAL
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