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  1. If at all possible to play this week by Tuesday from a safety standpoint it should be done. It should not be moved because the Ravens are at a competitive disadvantage this week If we want to talk about a competitive disadvantage, look at this very possible scenario if this game gets moved to week 18 and particularly if it is the only week 18 game (or one of very few games) . . . - Steelers and Ravens play week 18 - Rest of playoff teams have the week off and essentially get a bye. - Steelers wind up 15-1 or 14-2 and do not get a bye, while the Chiefs win the #1 seed a
  2. It's not quite the same thing from an NFL perspective as the playoff teams that don't need to play the 18th week would get an extra week of rest would get a bye essentially right before playoffs, which would be huge for them to get healthy compared to the playoff teams that do have to play in the 18th week. . . having said that, at this time, if a game needs to be rescheduled and it can't occur during normal bye weeks, the 18th week is clearly the best option for the league
  3. I get the idea behind it, but I think you are taking it too far or you just have a very subjective definition of career year. A lot of consensus first rounders are typically coming off their best year in their career. Will you not take CMC, because last year was a career year for him? He set career highs in rushing, receiving, and touchdowns. Are you just going to say that McCaffrey is trending up? Henry has been doing the same thing. CMC is the clear first pick and I have Henry as my 6th rb (after CMC, saquan, zeke, dalvin, and kamara) and would be happy with Henry as my RB1. I may ev
  4. Montana had Steve young behind him ready to take over. Brett Favre has Aaron Rodgers sitting behind him. if the patriots actually had a plan for the next qb, then I could see them letting him walk (cough, Jimmy G, cough) Considering they do not, I see him coming back to the patriots.
  5. not going to argue who is better, but this has to be the stupidest argument ever. He was 6-3 in super bowls compared to 4-0, so he has a worse super bowl winning percentage . . . so, by that logic if Brady did worse those years he lost in the super bowl and lost in the afc championship game or before instead, he would the be 6-0 in the super bowl and have a better resume???
  6. Ideally, you have him, but it depends on bench and league size. If you're in a 10 team with relatively shallow benches, you may not have a choice.
  7. I agree Eli is screwed, but I am not sure that the Giants botched the situation. If they loved Jones, they did not want to risk losing him by waiting until the later pick. Everyone seems so confident he would have been there, but the truth is we don't know. Then the reality of the situation from an NFL perspective, even if they start 0-6 then start Jones, that doesn't mean that this time is lost on him. Eli Manning is a professional. He is teaching Daniel Jones his study and work habits (even if he is not actively teaching him, Daniel can learn by watching Eli). Eli is also the type of p
  8. Not so sure about that. If he comes back and doesn’t provide much effort then he is putting poor play on tape for other teams. That will hurt him when he does go to sign a free agent contract. He will put forth good effort for his own sake. The better he plays, the more money he will make in the future.
  9. Does anyone know if ESPN will list Melvin Gordon as out allowing him to be stashed on IR? I think they did this with Bell last year?
  10. I do not know the details of any of the deals, but the bottom line is that you can never look at years and total money and compare contracts. You really have to know the guaranteed money and if/when the team can reasonably get out of the contract. For instance, he would probably snap accept a "Le'veon Bell market (4 years, $52 million)." deal if it was 100% guaranteed. However, if it's "Gurley money" at 4 years 57 million and only the first year is fully guaranteed with little after that guaranteed, he'd never accept it. However, when reported to the media, the second deal would sound bi
  11. Last year, Sean McVay didn't play ANY established starter last year. Goff, Gurley, Cooks, Donald, Talib, and Peters all didn't play last year. I expect them to do the same thing this year. So Gurley not playing preseason is not good or bad news. It is a bummer that we can't get the reassurance that he plays in the preseason, but this should have been expected.
  12. The other overlooked aspect the last couple years is him being on a new team each year. The year with the rams, he was traded just before the start of the season. Continuity can definitely help. His talent, second year in the system, and tyreek likely being our for a prolonged period of time (if not the year, I would hope it would end his career if true) leads me to think that Watkins will finally live up to his potential if he is healthy (which is a big if). In the ~7th round, I think that is definitely worth the risk. A miss in that area shouldn’t sink your team, but a huge hit like h
  13. As you said, 3 is a dangerous age for accidents that may break an arm, however it is pretty rare to actually remove a child from the home. It takes a lot for the state to take that action. They do not do that unless the evidence points strongly towards neglect/abuse. I I do not see the chiefs/nfl staying quiet a good sign. They often do until the suspension is announced.
  14. Will his baffling playoff appearance affect his draft stock? His play for next year? He and the coach insist he was healthy, but he was hardly used. He had to be injured, right? The only other explanation, I can think of is that Sean McVay took advice from Jeff Fisher before the playoffs . . .
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