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  1. I wouldn't. Winston seems to be heating up and Williams is in a backfield that always produces. You don't really have a need for Robinson anyways.
  2. You'll have to post both teams. Its not veto worthy but if I was the Zeke owner I wouldn't be doing this.
  3. I'd hang on to waller. I have both and moving Freeman hasn't been possible yet.
  4. Standard scoring 10 man league Team is Prescott DJ, Fournette, D. Freeman, Gallman, Coleman OBJ, Golladay, Dede, A. Robinson, Ridley Waller Got offered Chubb and Fuller for OBJ. I have the option to get Chubb which I like. I could work on packaging a RB away with this deal
  5. Grabbed him in the 8th a week ago. Stoked on his outlook.
  6. Just dropped Ballage for Hyde.. Did I goof?
  7. 6 locks you in for a hopkins/adams unless you go a DJ/Cook/Chubb. I'd probably do 8 based on the fact you can end up with any of them at that rate and pick up another start at 11/12
  8. Its hit or miss. Cook and DJ are both in that area of chance this year. Just up to who you like at receiver better.
  9. Mont. Coaches love him and will want to get him rolling since no one knows him yet.
  10. Probably could drop Hyde since he is on the bubble already. Otherwise looks good with good depth.
  11. Mattison! Cook has never stayed healthy and Hill is competing against way to many backs.
  12. OBJ. Both teams should be improved though.
  13. 10 man league standard scoring QB: Wentz RB: D. Johnson, D. Freeman, Fournette, Guice, Coleman, Ballage WR: OBJ, Golladay, A Robinson, Dede, Washington TE: Burton, Doyle Def: Eagles Stream Kicker week to week.
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