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  1. Ok, so I decided I'm going to counter with Anderson and Yaz, for Franmil and a pitcher. The pitchers I was looking at were Kikuchi and Heaney. They seem to be reasonable returns. Not sure which one to go with...?
  2. I have Anderson. It's a 5x5 QS/OBP league. 14 teams, so it's kinda deep. Not a ton on the wire. I nabbed Robbie Ray off of waivers on the chance he can rediscover some of his past success. It would leave my outfield options looking like this: Winker, Naquin (picked him up when Winker went down...certainly not expecting his torrid start to continue), Yaz, Baddoo (again, riding him while he's hot), Yelich (worried about his back big time right now), with Kelenic in my NA slot. So I would be starting (assuming health): Winker, Yelich, Franmil...and I'd likely use one of my outfielder
  3. I'd go Manaea as well... I think Martinez ends up in the pen.
  4. The Hiura manager and I are having talks. He's interested in my Sano, I'm interested in Hiura possibly. But he wants a second piece. Would Sano and Cease for Hiura be a solid trade? I'd shift Hiura to 1B, Vlad Jr. to 3B. 14-team 5x5 league. We count QS instead of wins and OBP instead of average. WHIR
  5. Those numbers are actually better than I even remembered. I'm rolling him out today as well, and hoping for a solid start against a weak Marlins lineup.
  6. Hlds+SVs or holds leagues- SP/RP Jonathan Loaisiga Came on before Chapman yesterday in the 8th. Could be looking at high-leverage situations. Also makes for a nice ratio corrector. Puts up clean innings and nets you strikeouts. OF Akil Baddoo Do I even have to say anything? OF Cedric Mullens Could be a 15/15 or 10/10 possibility or fool's gold. OF Tyler Naquin Until Winker is healthy, or until Naquin stops homering, I'd use him in a deep league and probably will myself. SP Taijuan Walker Gets Miami today. Worth a look. Any pitcher facing the Pirates. A
  7. I would explore trading a guard for a big man instead.... Hunter may not really be of much use to your team with the way it looks. Has your deadline passed or is it at 2amCT like a lot are? Help here?
  8. I would stick with Plumlee. He's been very solid and provides a sneaky amount of assists here and there... Help?
  9. Curious if I should consider pulling the trigger on this one... With Nurk coming back, I know Kanter will lose some production. I'd be betting on Mitchell Robinson blocking some shots and playing about 30+ minutes a game. I love Randle, and have considered offering Trae for him 1-for-1 as well. Another option available is to include Plumlee in the deal in place of Kanter. Opinions? Leave a link, I WHIR!
  10. Good to hear. Maybe I was chasing last year's stats? They looked pretty good.
  11. This is a QS league, and we also count sv+holds, and my pitchers go as follows right now... SP1 Yu Darvish SP2 Kyle Hendricks RP Joakim Soria RP Jake McGee P Archie Bradley P Tanner Scott P Julio Urias P Marco Gonzalez BN SP Ian Anderson, SP MacKenzie Gore The offer for Keuchel is Sano or Donaldson. I'm not sure if it's in the right territory to trade one of those players for Keuchel. I'm not extremely high on either of them, but they wound up on my team. Feedback is great. WHIR.
  12. I had picked Kanter up before he was a starter; I actually drafted KAT #3 and then traded him in frustration during his covid bout. I think he's bound to sit out games down the stretch, so the idea of trading back for him doesn't jive well. I offered the Jokik owner LaVine and JVS, which might be overpaying, but if I could land Jokik.... the Vuc owner is in 11th place or something and I don't expect him to trade. It's hard finding a trade partner. What do you think about Donovan Mitchell for Porzingis? I feel like Porzingis is gonna sit too much and Mitchell is too reliable...
  13. I also like the KAT / SGA side, but I think KAT is going to sit out a LOT down the stretch. I traded him right before he came back, and I'm kind of glad. Please help me out here?
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