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  1. Diggs is gonna catch more passes than Amari Cooper
  2. And Kerryon last year. Whoever his 2nd round breakout player is should a do not draft. I like his analysis most of the time, but these picks are rough
  3. can someone remind me never to draft whatever running back Jason Moore is high on next year? Guaranteed bust every year
  4. Wondering if Drake is still more injured than he let on with the walking boot a few weeks back. It’s surprising that they’d pay him and implement RBBC with Edmonds after trading DJ
  5. Picked DJ Moore and Kenyan Drake. Season over
  6. Ruggs limped to the sideline. Looks like his ankle and he’s having trouble standing up and walking
  7. Damien Williams...steal of next year’s draft after the hell his owners went through this year?
  8. Gotta thank my Kamara/Sanders RB duo this week for losing my game and ending my season losing by 13 vs opponent’s Drew Brees and Ekeler
  9. Can’t wait for Boston Scott to run in a 70 yard receiving TD in overtime. See you all next season.
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