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  1. Allen has highest ceiling. I think Samuels is probably safest play though and who I’d go with.
  2. I would have moved sometime to RB and then dropped Gordon for Conley. Sucks but you do what you have to to win each week.
  3. I love Terry but I’m not playing him anywhere this week. I’d roll with Parker and Johnson. Parker should get 10 maybe more with a touchdown and Johnson is one of two guys in the Detroit backfield.
  4. Play Goedert and drop Doyle. All very close though I will admit.
  5. I’d drop Pollard and then try to sneakily add him back on Tuesday. Singletary could do something this week that could make people notice him on waivers, where as Pollard might slip under the radar.
  6. All these people are suspect and can be big disappointments. With that said if Jackson suits up he’d be the one to go to. He is just as risky as the others but he is the one we know the most about. Could still end up kicking yourself but he is the most logical. If Jackson doesn’t play, Slayton would be my choice.
  7. Benching either for Conley feels dirty, but if you HAVE to I’d bench Allen. Evans is unbenchable. I’d think Allen is too, but he has been a bummer for the last few weeks.
  8. I think I’d make the trade. You get two valid starters for one. Yeah Robinson is better than Jones, but Andrews you can just plug and play. Even with Andrews tough upcoming schedule, he’s probably more reliable than this year’s streaming options. Also, Jones probably has a few more point explosions coming up, so you could cash in on those.
  9. I’m in injury/bye week hell with running backs, and I’m in a must win game against the top team in my league. Full point ppr and I need two of the following: Jamaal Williams, Lesean McCoy, Damien Williams, Duke Johnson, and Alexander Mattison. I put them in order of my preference but I’d like to see what others think.
  10. Id keep Robinson now, drop Murray for Drake, and then when Hill comes back drop Robinson.
  11. I’d turn it down. Juju and McCoy have much more upside than Singletary and White.
  12. Brady. Look back at Russ’s stats against Wade Phillips’ defense the last year, pretty sure he under performs against them. Also, it’s a Thursday night game and often offense is down on Thursday . Feel like Brady has a good matchup and you know they want to put up more numbers after last weeks struggle.
  13. I would make that trade. Adams has been a bummer a bit and Jacobs has upside.
  14. I suppose it depends on who else is out there for you and what you needed, but in a 12 team league it is hard to imagine there being anyone with more talent than Landry to be sitting there. Likely won’t make it to you again if you don’t snag him with first pic. If nothing else maybe take him just to deny him to the other teams?
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