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  1. @Devon211 , the league is on yahoo but you pay the fee through league safe! There is only one spot left. Let me know if you are interested and can pay/join right away
  2. @es1979 , if the two guys above join soon then we'll be all full, but if they don't and we have a spot left I'll let you know first!
  3. @UcanTry , please join and pay. I have people wanting to join and pay right away, so I have to start kicking people out in order to make room. It only makes sense. Just rejoin again, sorry for kicking you out but I waited a bit before I did anything
  4. @24/7 Football @Stanleychad , sent invites to both At this point it's going to be whoever joins and pays at the same time is in the league. There is three available slots left.
  5. @every1luvsTDs , it's almost full! I sent you an invite If you have joined the league, please now join league safe and pay the fee as well. I'm going to start kicking people out starting in a few hours. Thanks
  6. Well I've sent 8 invites, but not everyone has joined. I just don't want people joining and then waiting to pay because after that I have to weed through and start booting people
  7. Sorry guys. I had appointment I needed to make but yes. Everyone will have to have paid a few hours before the draft or I will kick them out and find replacements! @Rs79 @Kjk1767 , invites sent to both and yeah top 6 make playoffs!
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