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  1. With tomorrow being the front end of a b2b, I can see him coming back Saturday. Either way he's close!
  2. I'm in a points per minute league, and he's been killing me lately. Consistently gets phased out due to the Cavs chuckers. I mean there's NO reason Drummond, Dotson, Osman and even Okoro should get more shots than him.
  3. Bulls fan here and this post is absolutely true. He's the 5th option on offense when the starting unit is on the floor. They're just putting him on the perimeter and letting Coby/Zach kick out to him when they drive. The 3pt% is a nice surprise. Last 2 games, they've also tasked him guarding LeBron and Kawhi 1on1 with minimal help. He got torched on quite a few possessions, but overall did fine for a 19 year old on future HOFs. As long as he doesn't hit the rookie wall too hard, I see those rebound numbers ticking up when we get into March, as his responsibilities on the floor will get bi
  4. Fox had a grade 3 sprain last year and missed 5 weeks. I'm guessing with a grade 2 Ja comes back closer to the 3 than the 5 week mark. So we may only have 1-3 weeks left.
  5. Nance is a good player, and I don't watch Cavs games, but why does he go through stretches of not doing anything? He just went 6 minutes without appearing in the play-by-play. Like WTF
  6. The only thing that would make me think it's somewhat of a rest is that he finished the game yesterday. I'm guessing he woke up this morning and found it sore, so they're giving him more time.
  7. Perfect timing on the return (Morant injury). Does he slide back into the PG role, or will he likely be splitting duties with Murray given how well he's played?
  8. Don't mind Kaii23. He's famous for his James Conner > James Robinson argument in the football forum. Anywho RJB and the B stands for Brutal
  9. I've had him last year and this year. He's such a good passer and would have higher scoring numbers if Cleveland didn't have the black hole known as Collin Sexton. Dude just refuses to pass and has straight tunnel vision. Can't imagine it's fun playing with him. The fact that Nance has done so well early on with Drummond, Garland and Sexton all playing well is impressive.
  10. Unfortunate he has to play with both Beal and Westbrook dominating all the touches this year. He's proven he's got a very good offensive game, and they should run more plays for him. I'm happy about the blocks so far, but his defense is barely a step above that of a chair.
  11. So far I've been wrong on him. For some reason I didn't factor in Westbrooks rebounding. Dumb on my part. Hopefully Westbrook sits out quite a few games.
  12. One of my favorite players to watch play. Hustles his @$$ off. Anyone with eyes can see he contributes to winning more than Whiteside.
  13. Yep, clutch rebound and sank 2/2 FTs at the end. He'll shoot better, but I'm happy with 9 boards and 2 stocks. With the Spurs playing small, he'll be counted on to get rebounds all year.
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