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  1. Perine and another rb williams both got 7-8 carries each, maybe he got hurt?
  2. Anyone else notice in the 4th quarter it was like 3rd and 10 and lamar threw it to snead and they didnt get it, hollywood was in lamars face and you could tell they were arguing. Was an ugly look
  3. With how many players lost to injury this year a first round pick on the field is a victory in itself. Despite the drama MT is a talented wr and if Brees is really trying to go out on a high note MT will have to be involved.I understand the hate but if you are playoff bound in your league I wouldnt be worried
  4. 7 targets on 23 total pass attempts, with winston playing half the game. Not a bust yet, just 2 bizzare and very dissapointing gamescripts back to back. 130 total passing yards for the saints and they led by 2 tds the whole game. Hopefully Brees is ok otherwise that will give us a real reason to panic.
  5. What did i miss? Ik he punched a teammate but other than that what he do
  6. Man another week with decent targets and terrible production. Anyone who watches the broncos want to tell me wth to think? 1st round prototypical TE on a team with not alot of talent. Averaging 10 yards a catch this season and in recent weeks its more like 8 yards. Whatsup with that? Did he look healthy today?
  7. Ertz expected to be back 4-6 weeks after placed on IR would have him returning week 10-12, Unfortunaetly with my 4 man bench and injuries on my roster looks like i will have to drop him to play a defense and ride with fant. Was between him or fant, i know goeddert is a better play w.o ertz but he can be back even by next week
  8. His snaps were definetly reduced coming off of injury and on top of that the jets only had 15 plays in the whole 2nd half of the game. I wouldnt be concerned, he still has the best hands on the team and darnold targets him alot. Perriman could be fantasy relevant if he wasnt injured every week
  9. Welcome to the dark side edmonds' owners, let the kliff hate flow through you... -Drake owner
  10. & the punctured lung season. Despite the 2-6 record Herbert has been awesome. If they had ekeler back and even a middle of the road defense they would be in the playoffs.
  11. Problem is his usuage is trending in the wrong direction. In 6 out of 9 weeks this season he has averaged less than 5 targets. Nearly every game that he puts up numbers is a result of a 50+ yard reception. Hard to trust a wr that doesnt even get targeted when hes open and is out touched/out targeted by 2 other receivers on his team.
  12. Now admit edmonds will never be half the man Drake is
  13. 1 hour ago, nmartinez12443 said: 30 touches AND involved in the passing game, I'll take that all day. Only problem is drake comes back in a week or two.
  14. Thought it was obv, mont is playing like 85 percent of snaps.
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