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  1. This was my result in one league this week. I came out on top.....though stat corrections won't be applied until Sunday.
  2. Here you go: https://www.fantasypros.com/nfl/accuracy/ Amusingly, the top expert this year is Justin Boone. He's finished as a top 7 expert the last 6 years, plenty of other experts are consistently good too. There's luck involved in fantasy of course, but the idea that it's mostly luck or that skill and knowledge can't give you a significantly greater chance to win in spite of luck is defeatist nonsense.
  3. I'll remember the people who talked down Lamar and Aaron Jones all season with their "sell high" and "they'll be found out" nonsense the same way I'll always remember the same terrible analysis in Todd Gurley's MVP contender season. Some people have no clue how to analyse this sport or fantasy, yet somehow have incredible confidence to share their opinions.
  4. Lamar, Michael Thomas and George Kittle came through as they've done all season and DeAndre Washington ended up as a great replacement for Derrick Henry. Even with DJ Moore and Nick Chubb in my lineup, barring -7 points from Mike Boone tonight, they did enough.
  5. Even if Mattison is active, i'd be amazed if Boone isn't the primary back. Mattison will have had virtually no practice in two weeks and only just managed being healthy enough to be active. With Cook confirmed out this is surely Boone's backfield.
  6. Lamar's supposed bad accuracy was a recent discussion in this thread, including what is even considered an accurate throw. Well here's how accurate he is compared to recent MVPs based on actual analysis by a professional.
  7. They're playing the Browns, a division rival they lost to earlier in the season. That combined with Lamar perhaps wanting to cement the MVP means i think they'd all play normal roles regardless of the Pats/Bills result. There's also the momentum of their run to maintain; it's one thing to rest starters in week 17 (and a bye week), it's another to include week 16 in that too. They don't want to go "cold". When was the last time a team rested players both week 16 & 17? Presumably the Patriots must have had opportunity to do so over the years, i don't remember it happening. All that
  8. I'd argue Brees and Mahomes aren't up there with Jackson and don't deserve to be talked about like they're interchangeable. In fact, they're nowhere close even when accounting for the games they've missed. The only QB who comes close is Deshaun Watson and he's still averaged 5 less points per week than Jackson (Mahomes and Brees 7 and 8 less respectively). Winston is 6 less.
  9. If Will Grier starts this week I'll likely start Fuller over DJ Moore.
  10. It's not the Pro Bowl for fantasy scoring. He's on a bad team and his excellence hasn't been a cultural phenomenon or been near as impactful as Lamar's on or off the field. It would be weird if he was up there with him.
  11. I doubt Barkley will be a steal next year. He's already looking himself again and will likely finish the year well. That combined with a new coach and Daniel Jones sophomore year will have him at the top of every fantasy analysts draft. Kamara on the other hand, yeah there's a good chance he'll fly under the radar a little.
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