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  1. Not starting him next week. This guy is a stud but they’re going away from him and Goff will wet himself at San Fran.
  2. This guy seems like another John Kelly. Multiple injuries ahead of him and still can’t get a start. Probably can’t pass protect at all.
  3. How do you get called an offensive genius? You do dumb little trick plays. Using Taysom Hill gets Payton the credit. He wouldn’t get called an offensive genius if he just gave Kamara the ball at the 2 to punch it in. Gotta get Taysom in to receive the accolades. Ditto for Nagy.
  4. Baker loves Landry because he can't connect on anything but short to intermediate throws over the middle.
  5. Anyone live near the Met Life? How's it look? Wondering if I should pivot off of Darnold.
  6. Probably the smart play. I have him in my IR. If I need the IR for someone else, I may end up dumping him. If you look at his schedule: Pit (99% not playing) NYJ (Good) @Cle (Finley on the road) NE (No) @Mia (Good, but still Finley on the road) First game he comes back, probably on a snap count. Will pull himself out of a game quick if he doesn't "feel" right. I'd probably only fell good about playing him in the championship, if I get there. And that's only if he plays the full game against NE without any problems. This gamble
  7. Not sure anyone is betting on a “healthy scratch” out snapping Darwin at this point.
  8. Baker Manziel doesn’t have any anticipation or touch. He has to see the guy wide open before throwing it. Also did you see that pass to Hollister in the end zone from Russell Wilson on Monday night? A nice ball with touch that lofted right over the defender. If that was baker he would of thrown a bullet that hollister would have zero chance of catching.
  9. I have to start this dude with Carson on bye. Will be happy with 8+ PPR points. Can’t believe I just typed that.
  10. Most likely this guy is getting AJ Bouye. Anyone with insight on this guy? Is he a talent good enough to beat him? Haven’t been able to watch much of the colts this year.
  11. This guy went from limited on wednesday to dnp the last two days for whatever that's worth.
  12. Yes, Jalen Ramsey this year. His back didn’t feel “right”. Until he got traded to the rams.
  13. This situation seems similar to the Minnesota WR’s. Teams will be very wary of the more talented dangerous WR (Chark/Diggs) and try to shut him down. While the slot guy feasts (Westbrook/Thielen).
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