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  1. Mahomes put up average numbers so couldn't take advantage of opponent's below average totals for Kelce and Chargers kicker. Also, I dropped Mike Williams on Wednesday for a kicker i'm not even going to use and dropped Damien Williams two weeks ago
  2. I'll be doing the same thing since i've been getting burned at the flex spot. For what its worth, Pittsburgh is really bad against TE and Gronk killed them in week 15 last season.
  3. Benched Gronk for Cook. I feel a goose egg coming for C00k now.
  4. It seems like you can get him for almost nothing if a struggling owner has him. I got him for Ridley last week.
  5. Big FU to Ebron, Trubs and Lutz. I was heavily favored and needed the W but now need big games from Saquon and SF defense to come back.
  6. I dumped him in both leagues i'm in in multi-player trades ending up with Doyle and Cook replacing him. I think i've upgraded at the position.
  7. Yeah, i think the chance of getting a nice haul for Gronk based on name value alone is pretty done now. I had him in both leagues i play in and packaged him in multi player deals a couple of weeks ago. I don't think i'd be able to pull off the trades i made now since he's fallen off a cliff and his ROS outlook seems pretty bleek. At this point, if you could get Cook or Doyle for him straight up, i'd probably do it.
  8. Sent: Conner, Gronk, TY, Woods Received: Barkley, MT, Cooper 1/2 point PPR
  9. Nobody seems to have caught on the last 5 games or so.
  10. 75% of the Pat's offense consists of dump offs to James White. That leaves very little else available for Gronk and everyone else.
  11. Sent- Brady, Gronk, Diggs and Conner Received- Mahomes, Julio Jones, Sony and Olsen. 1/2 pt PPR
  12. I'm shocked the Raiders got a 1st round pick for Pooper.
  13. I was expecting a few more touches from Duke and thought he'd make a decent flex in half point PPR, with a few people on bye. Will proceed to drop.
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