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  1. I love Herbert but I don't trust Lynn not to get into a handoff contest with Denver. Despite mountains of evidence that they move the ball quite well and practically score at will when playing aggressively, LAC likes to go conservative whenever they can. I have a hard time seeing them let Herbert play aggressively in this one. As others have said, I'm going Hurts based on the matchup and the likely rushing yards giving him a pretty stable floor.
  2. If there was going to be a correction it would've happened by now.
  3. I'm with you on most of those. Watson's matchup gives me pause. At first I thought Cincy was a no-brainer start, but they have been pretty stingy to QBs here lately - no QB has broken 20 fantasy points since week 10. I think Watson and Hurts have a similar floor this week. Hurts is a better shot for more rushing yards and an overall higher ceiling.
  4. The likes of Nick Mullens and CJ Beathard combined for 25 fantasy points (6pt passing tds) against the Cowboys last week. Starting Hurts over Watson and Herbert.
  5. I'd rather flex Keke Coutee if that tells you anything. Dude is trash.
  6. I’d start Matt Asiada coming in off the street if he was a lock for 20 touches. Fire up Pollard.
  7. Dude has been out scored by Edmonds & Hines. He’s a bust.
  8. The target share is consistent. At least for this week, he remains the only show in town. 8-12 targets seems like a pretty good bet.
  9. Hopefully a new HC or OC comes in soon and builds around Herbert's obvious talent. The current coaching staff seems to have no problem going leather helmet mode and getting ultra conservative with even the slightest lead - seemingly often to their detriment.
  10. Same. They've definitely gone conservative since Eckler came back and seem content to dink and dunk. Hard to ignore the matchup unless you've got another top 5 play. Hopefully this turns into a shootout.
  11. Dude is going to get fed one way or another. Set and forget.
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