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  1. Going to lose to a team who has Taysom Hill at TE- such a stupid garbage way to lose.
  2. Exactly- he had almost 1,700 yards from scrimmage last year! Here is the Top 10 RBs from last year in yards from scrimmage: 1. McCaffrey 2. Elliott- 1,777 3. Chubb 4. Henry 5. FOURNETTE- 1,674 6. Cook 7. Jones 8. Ekeler 9. Carson 10. Barkley 5th! and only 100 yds behind Zeke at #2. And 76 receptions for those playing PPR! And only 3 TDS! So may regress to the mean higher there. I'd say it's a pretty solid risk to take.
  3. Have the 8th pick in a non-PPR league. Assuming the following are available, who should I pick? Miles Sanders Josh Jacobs Nick Chubb I can't really distinguish anything between the three of them. Thanks!
  4. Exactly- hedging on a player's status more often than not means "they're out".
  5. looks like shoulder but wasn't much impact there
  6. I was going to write something funny about placing an over/under on a yes/no question but then my brain exploded
  7. Hoping for a David Montgomery type of line against the Eagles from a couple weeks ago.
  8. Yep- this looks no better than a 'starting back for the Lions' situation. Hard to get real excited about it.
  9. Not fantastic, but still starting him as a Flex. Hoping for ~80 yds from scrimmage total and a TD.
  10. The logic is if he is 80% healed there may be a higher risk of reinjury. If you wait 2 more weeks, he'll be at 100%
  11. Absolutely- lots of negativity about his lack of efficiency, but points are points. Was a great sign seeing them feed him multiple times inside the 5. Perfectly fine especially in Standard, he is the RB19, averaging 10.9PPG. That's a pretty darn solid Flex and even low-end RB2. He's only had one complete stinker and that was Week 1.
  12. His upcoming schedule is kinda concerning- how many points is this team really expected to score? Next 4 weeks: SF @Min @Buf BYE I'm not quite at the 'set and forget' comfort level yet.
  13. Let's say he gets 75% of the snaps in the backfield Sunday. do you trust him to produce vs. the SF defense?
  14. 10 Std points for Sony- not a disaster for an RB2. Ugly but could've been worse (and much much better).
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