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  1. I wouldn't write off gus. They'll be used most likely how they've been used these last handful of weeks without ingram. When ingram when inactive
  2. PPR Keeper Big Ben & Jalen Hurts D. Henry, Carson , Robinson, CEH , Dobbins , D.Johnson & Jeff Wilson Metcalf, Godwin , Antonio Brown & Reagor Andrews and Kittle Butker Lutz Steelers DEF Lost Fuller Barkley and few others throughout the year
  3. Anyone playing in leagues with no good competition shouldn't even be posting in here. Those leagues are as good as a free league. Standard was fun like ten plus years ago. Whenever ppr didn't really exist. Only way I don't like ppr is when a dude gets a negative catch and still gets a point. That's dumb but hard to tell the computer to do all these special things
  4. I don't play in a 12. I play in 16 but thanks you too. Anything less than 12 is boring. Why does everyone need stacked teams. More rewarding digging for guys on the waiver and having them payoff vs waivers being stacked with talent
  5. Most people don't play in pre school leagues of less than 12. Anything less than 12 your team's are all loaded. Even 12 is loaded but respectable
  6. Also pinky toe was out on that TD run on the first drive. That would have help a bunch of people out.
  7. Grab a breakout Rookie WR or RB for next season. Someone that's got a real shot. Dillion imo doesn't
  8. Not the first time he's doubled. Dominate players figure a way to still get the rock even double covered. If I had to I'd still force a couple his way. Put him in motion more ... Something do something
  9. No I don't have Lockett. MJJ is bound to disappoint more often than not. How can you not understand that. Better plays are more consistent. They should never be mentioned among the very best. Idc what they've done until they've done it for years at Hopkins (example) level. It's disrespectful
  10. Can they use their best player more. Thanks How do you not pepper DHop like 13+ a game
  11. And? He can have 5 of them and he's still way better. You can't be serious. April fools coming early?
  12. Has nothing to do with the game. I didn't even watch that game nor did I know his stats. Still don't actually. Had everything to do with putting Marvin's name in with the very best in the league. Idc bout what he did or didn't do in today's game.
  13. That's why none of them are in that situation. They help bring their teams up , at least to put up numbers or help score a TD on offense. DHop played with worse QBs then that so no lol
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