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  1. Yea I think I’d roll with #1 if you can get them to bite. #2 is a hard no for me. thanks for the input on mine.
  2. He also has Diggs. But he’s made it clear he won’t move him...
  3. As a fellow Jacobs owner it’s time. Heiden has tinkered the piss out of that backfield. Booker is eating too much of Jacobs RB1 value. I’d take the deal. help on mine?
  4. Like previously stated, if jaire sits roll Charky Chark. If he plays, roll JJ. help on mine?
  5. Hey guys looking for a little trade advice. I’m in a 10 team full PPR league. we play QB/WR/WR/RB/RB/Flex/TE/K/D. I’m in second place but have lost two in a row. Some of that blame can be placed at the feet of Lockett and I’m not sure I can wait around for another boom game from him. here’s my full squad: QB: Murray WR: Ridley/Lockett/ARob/Fulgham/Shepard RB: Jones/Mixon/Jacobs/Gibson/JWilliams TE: Waller Trade on the table is my Lockett and Gibson for Woods and Gurley. Other team has literally no RBs and would be starting Gibson this week. While
  6. Pick two! Full PPR. A. Jones A. Gibson J. Jackson
  7. I like Scotty Miller. Evans and Gronk will draw alot of attention. Thanks for the help on mine!
  8. I think you have to take this deal. You desperately need a RB that isn't a handcuff or a 1b kind of guy. Help on mine?
  9. slam the accept button. Hunt will maintain significant role despite chubb returning in 3 (ish) weeks. Help on mine?
  10. Yea, he's reaching. That's an exorbitant expense for a guy who won't play for probably 3 more weeks and comes back to share time with another stud (which you already own). Additionally I want nothing to do with a Cowboy receiver ROS. Help on mine?
  11. I would do this for sure. Herbert is going to have a dud in there somewhere but he will also get Ekeler back at some point. Take it! Help on mine?
  12. Hey guys! 10 team full PPR league. I have a little predicament with choosing some studs. Aaron Jones is down but i have Williams, his direct backup. I need to choose 3 between him, Josh Jacobs, Zeke, and AJ Brown! My gut says to sit Jacobs after appearing pretty banged up in practice this week but another game with Denucci might royally suck for Zeke. Thoughts? Drop a link and i'll help on your dilemmas!
  13. Cooper. All Pit receivers are healthy this week. Best to let it shake out and see what your dealing with next week. Help on mine?
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