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  1. Well, nobody cares if a GM drafted a bust in a later round, but I am pissed the whole evening if I order the wrong Pizza. It's about even I guess.
  2. pff had the steelers as the 31st runblocking O-Line in the league. On the surface the Steelers look like the perfect landing spot, but how will that change with Big Ben maybe retiring next year? JuJu just signed for one year. He will probably be gone, too. Do you have a chart on how RB production changes when a HoF QB leaves their team ?
  3. The Broncos...well...they added Parson and Eichenberg in the first two rounds where I really would have wished for them to draft a QB. I don't think it makes any sense to take the 8th QB here. Not sure if he will be able to compete and if you can't get an upgrade over Lock, why even care, right? I remember a few years back with the broncos that they had this unbelievably good CB trio with Harris, Talib and Roby. Looking at there current CB Room....meh. They released AJ Bouye and signed Kyle Fuller and Ronald Darby. Still have Callahan - who is a great player - but battles injuries. No dep
  4. Lately a lot of buzz about the Bears being in trade talks about Miller. Can you imagine a landing spot where he would become fantasy relevant? The Lions? Their current WR room is Tyrell Williams, Breshad Perryman, Geronimo Allison and Quintez Cephus. Not really impressing.
  5. So, Gio was just released by the Bengals on his own wish. This doesn't sound like he wants to retire to me? So is he going to sign with another team and what would be the best landing spots? I know he is rather uninteresting for most of the leagues, but he has been a nice PPR depth piece on my roster over the last years and I wouldn't want to miss that.
  6. I knew I could summon your inner chart nerd with that
  7. 1. is it though? 2. This class seems very offense heavy (and that on top of a lot of good QB prospects). The best defensive player (imo) are the first CBs and I think 2 or 3 will go in the top 15. Currently -besides QB (which are a special situation) - all playerst taken are the the top of the board. I'm pretty sure that Dallas will take an CB, but till then I could see only offense picks. (I know we have the same discussion in PMs, but maybe somebody wants to join)
  8. With the best WR of the class still on the board and a WR room as empty as their trophy cabinet, the decision should be Chase. (Could also be Smith, but Chase is ther better prospect/player imho)
  9. Not wanting to take away from Brady, but he went to a very strong team that was a QB and a few pieces away from a ring. And I'm not sure if I have ever seen a better off season than the one the Bucs had last year. Signed Brady which lead to Gronk and AB. But they also dug gold in the draft with Wirfs (who was the best O-Line Rookie last year), Antoine Winfield Jr (who was the best DB Rookie last year; hmmm...him and Jeremy Chin) and Tyler Johnson. He made a huge impact on that team (I guess everybody got that "we signed the GOAT"-morale boost), but it's not like he went to the J
  10. man, WFT was exciting last year (mostly due to my fantasy dependency ), but this year. This really should be fun. Don't forget JD McKissic is still on this team, whom they used a lot (which sucked for every AG owner) last year. However Fitz doesn't strike me as a checkdown guy. Theoretically they have an out this year which would save them 1,6m.
  11. They still will be drafting an QB.
  12. Jared Cook* split: Brees vs Hill (week 9-13) Targets/G Yards/G TD/G Brees 4,5 42,7 0,55 Hill 2,5 8,5 0,25 I'm really happy to have Trautman in my dynasty league, but as stated above the QB change worries me. Maybe with his - also above mentioned - good run blocking he can carve out a role in play action passes. Maybe with Hill and Kamara they could model their offense similar to what the Ravens do. *I only looked at C
  13. @MikeSilver tweeted the starting price for Wilson is 3 firsts and a third of the league would have reached out for him so far.
  14. Not wanting to give Wentz #11. Tom Brady promised Godwin a ring for #12. They would be laughing him out of the building if he tried that
  15. Well, Wentz is his QB now. What are your expectations for Pittman? Campbell coming back from injury. We don't know what happens to TY Hilton. He could make the jump to being their #1 WR.
  16. He's the #1 again, right? There is this rumour that the Panthers would try to package him for Watson, which wouldn't make any sense i my eyes. He played like 2 games and score a billion points in each of them last year.
  17. 2020 Season Stats: 170-795-11 rushing 36-247-0 receiving My favorite rookie RB last year. Only problem is/was McKinnon. Hoping for AG getting more in that CMC role. Washington is on the rise!
  18. Fantasy aside. I just watched the NFL Films "Turning Point" video on Super Bow Lenny. And even though he only had one catch so far he was talking to the coaches to keep giving Lenny the ball and let him feast. I know a lot of Elite WR that would be pissed with only one ball so far, even though it's the super bowl. Including his comments about taking a cut to get other people signed, he's a team first player and I love it. Maybe not ideal for fantasy, but he's a great guy.
  19. I think he is the optimal WR target if you need WR help in your dynasty team. Can't think of another WR with this kind of WR1 upside that can be had this cheap in dynasty.
  20. Isn't that the plot of Blue Mountain State?
  21. You think Rodgers could really want out of Green Bay? And what would be a price? Should he be more expensive as Watson then?
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