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  1. Well I play standard and Carlos Hyde has plenty of value. He would be scooped up in a second if he was dropped in my league. "Barely rosterable" is an absolute joke take. Don't assume everyone plays PPR.
  2. Not everyone plays PPR... he is definitely worthy of flex play in standard.... I am going to start him over Miles Sanders this week... getting 15 - 20 touches in a powerful offense like the Texans is good news... and eventually he can fall into the end zone.
  3. I'm thinking Damien Williams. I want the starting RB for the most high-powered offense in the NFL.
  4. I had him last year and appreciated what he did for my team but SaintsTE's have not done much the last couple of years... I'm kind of afraid of that.
  5. He hasn’t done much the last few weeks.
  6. Im talking about this year. Rockets declined and GSW added Boogie. There is 0 doubt. Last year the Rockets put up a noble effort but they were too vulnerable to a CP3 injury and to no ones surprise CP3 came up lame in the biggest moment. Maybe you think its entertaining watching 4-0 and 4-1 NBA finals the last two years or watching GSW go 16-1 in the 2017 playoffs and only play one competitive series in 2018 but some of us like actual competition. This overwhelming super team stuff is garbage. KD going to GSW and joining the core of a 73 win team was a fri
  7. Yea NBA sucks. Just hand the thing to GSW right now. NFL/MLB/NHL playoffs are far superior.
  8. Unless a rash of injuries occur there is literally 0 doubt GSW will win. The NBA was much better 7-8 years ago when at least 4-5 teams could win. Supreme dominance is not fun. I really enjoy the NBA but won’t watch now because the dominance of the Warriors has sucked the fun out.
  9. Wow went into the game up 22 + Jared Cook vs the Muscle Hamster. Almost had a damn hear attack. Muscle hamster goes off and Cook does nothing and survie by a shoe lace tackle at the two minute warning. Happy I won but that wasn’t fun.
  10. Giants are too trash for me to take Barkley 1st playing for a good team with a good offense is important
  11. Play-offs are dumb in FF. It's so variable. It should just be who has the best record (PF tiebreaker) at the end of the season.
  12. Yea a ton of injuries to regular season warriors and of the healthy players a ton threw up fat turds or pedestrian games this week. It was crazy. Lindsay, Ertz, Barkley, Ju-Ju, Fournette, Thielen, Cook, Ebron, Allen, Kelce, Kittle, A. Jones, Hill, Cooks, Zeke, L. Miller etc... etc... I was fortunate enough to survive but my best player was Damien freaking Williams.
  13. 1st place all season semis this week RB- Zeke Flex - Lamar Miller WR - Thielin TE - Cook Thanks for the turds guys
  14. What? Zeke is 100% playing. Why don't you go ahead and read what he said about playing on Sunday... I provided the quote.
  15. Elliott was held out of practice Wednesday due to a shoulder injury, Calvin Watkins of The Athletic reports. "Just a maintenance day," Elliott told Jon Machota of The Dallas Morning News. "Just got a little sore shoulder. It's late in the season. I've had a lot of touches. Just trying to make sure I'm fresh for [Sunday's game against the Colts]." Analysis: After Elliott ripped up the Eagles for 192 yards from scrimmage in the Cowboys' Week 14 win, coach Jason Garrett relayed the running back was feeling fine as a result of a neck injury he suffered in the fourth quarter. Elliott was seen
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