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  1. LOL garbage time TD to Reed made my lead go from 18 to 10. So 10 point lead and he has Tucker. Tucker has under 10 points this year more times than over so we’ll see but and 18 point lead was much better lol
  2. Well boys so far I’m 0-4 on picking ww guys this week lol. I picked Aiyuk over Beasley and Beasley is going off lol. I mean there’s still time for Aiyuk to get more but F**K! He’s got reed going so I hope he doesn’t do much the rest of the game. It’d be nice to have at least a 10 point lead going into tomorrow where he has tucker left
  3. Yeah it’s a tough decision but I’m leaning Aiyuk at this point. I like Beasleys upside with targets as I think Buffalo has a better passing game at this point since the Niners are playing Mullins at QB.But I do like Shanahan’s offense of playcalling trying to get his playmakers involved and it would be nice if they had a Aiyuk returning kicks.But really I’m just hoping to get lucky that the player I pick goes off but that’s what it is, pure luck.
  4. Pretty sure Ben is playing but I’d go Claypool for sure. Bal has a great match up , don’t think you can go wrong either way but Claypool is the safe bet
  5. Ingram was activated so I’d go Gibson in this one. I see a committee in Baltimore
  6. I could see a lot of quick passes from Ben so Dionte could get 10-12 catches. I’d go Dionte.
  7. I would go Deebo myself. Then Claypool a close second in non ppr
  8. I think I’m screwed but I need to try and pick a dark horse that might go off. I’m pissed I didn’t pick up coutee. I’m up 8 and he has Reed, Claypool, Washington D and Tucker K. I have my flex spot and Steelers D. Full point ppr. My choices are Dobbins(probably not with Ingram active), Beasley, Aiyuk, Duvernay, Marquise Brown, Lamb.
  9. As the title says, which one? Ben and Ryan seem to have tough match ups and by rankings, Cousins has a great match up. Thanks
  10. Im in serious trouble this week I think. Connor is most likely out and a tough match upfor Snell. Gurley might be out but I do have Ito Smith. McCaffrey still out. Damian Harris is not great. Moore and Godwin are on Bye. I need to fill at least 2 or 3 positions. Right now there are a few options on the waiver wire; Booker, Gaskin, Grant, Shephard, Dobbins, David Johnson, coutee. There are a handful of others but these are at the top of projections. I'm already thinking of dropping Harris for sure for one of these guys but On the fence about dropping anyone else. Any Advice? My current team is
  11. I just dont see him going for him since its mostly a fair trade of.
  12. I wonder if I did Hopkins and Godwin for Eckler and McLaurin. He is a bucs fan
  13. Idk, I think kupp may have a lot more value than Thomas right now, don’t you think?
  14. Gurley if healthy Moss harris akers williams
  15. Coutee is definitely intriguing but I’d go agholar here
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