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  1. should i drop kevin love for this guy? hes balling right now
  2. I remember last year fox heading into his 2nd season I didn’t think he would break out til year 3, dropped fox and regretted it all season. Sexton avg’d 20 PPG 47% fg and I believe 39% from 3 post all star break. Now I don’t think he will be as good as fox last season I do like the things they have been saying about him, trying to be more of a leader on the team, trying to be a better playmaker, trying to shot 90% from the FT line. Given the roster make up of Cleveland and a clear shot at 30 MPG I don’t see why he can’t average 20 pts on decent %s
  3. im in a 10 teamer as well, 90% chance I’m dropping after week 1 only reason I’m holding is because I got Wendell carter on IR still
  4. If Dunn can play 24-28 mins a night he is for sure posting top 75-100 value. He’s not in the best situation and has to compete against sato and coby but I’ll def take a flier just because he has a lot of potential in steals
  5. Traded AD for Ben Simmons, my league came up with the conclusion AD is too valuable and Ben Simmons isn’t worth it so my trade got veto’d By majority vote. Feelsbad
  6. already picked this guy up, hes too good to not get minutes & it somewhat helps that MKG is out with a concussion
  7. Im desperate for blocks in my head to head league, should I pick up Wendall Carter jr, Jonathon Isaac, or Jakob Poeltl??
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