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  1. My first thought was that Cooks being out would benefit Coutee as he is now the WR1 for Watson, but are there concerns that he now will now draw tougher coverage?
  2. Like others have said, Davis if McCaffrey is out. I then like Landry and Sanders best out of the rest. Definitely not Booker if Jacobs is active, and even if he isn't, that's a tough matchup.
  3. I don't think I am will be starting Claypool this week, and as you can tell from my username, I am a big fan. Might actually go with Beasley on the other side of the ball as my WR3, but it's close...
  4. Like the others have said, I'd go with Jones and Hines. Jones will continue to be the top receiver in Detroit until Golladay comes back (if he ever does).
  5. 1st round of the playoffs...need to start three of these six WRs in a .5 PPR league... - Aiyuk - Beasley - Chark - Claypool - Coutee - Patrick
  6. My team name is "Mixon It Up," but I dropped Joe Mixon last week. Part of me thinks I should rename my team after a player I actually own...but yeah, worried about messing with things now that I am in the playoffs.
  7. I won't be starting him, even if healthy. Trust Gallman more in my FLEX position.
  8. I made the difficult drop. Needed room for McKissic, and I expect him to be more useful throughout the fantasy playoffs.
  9. I'm a Steelers fan, and I would be a little nervous about their banged up defense going against Buffalo. That said, I do try to play defenses playing in poor weather conditions so if it ends up being snowy/rainy/windy, they could be a good option. Beasley could be a good add after he just lit up the 49ers, but again, not so much if the weather is bad.
  10. McKissic looked good, though game script helped. I would think he would be a great pick-up if Gibson has to miss more time. Also - Cam Akers may finally be "the guy" for the Rams...in case he wasn't added last week...
  11. If I was going to use a waiver claim on a RB this week, how would you prioritize the following options in a .5 PPR league? - Cam Akers - Ty Johnson - J.D. McKissic
  12. Was thinking the same thing. I am starting him as my WR3 over Aiyuk and Beasley.
  13. Thanks very much. Anyone else care to chime in?
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