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  1. Adam, more interested in the $25/$50 leagues and either keeper or dynasty. I may play in more than 1. Lost 4 leagues due to the commish mentioned above so need to replace those. You have my email so shoot me an email. Happy New Year!!
  2. For $70, leave it said you've been warned by not one, but two members who have "crossed" this commish.
  3. Says the commish who does NOT allow a 6 hour pick for everyone. This commish picks and chooses who his favorites are and if you're not one of them. As for the quote above. Glad I kept screen shots. I used auto on EVERY single pick except one and this commish panties got so wadded up he lambasted me all over the league when my AVERAGE time per pick was TWO minutes. Yes, I kept screen shots as he has done this before to others. And the sad part is he actually has good leagues, just doesn't know how to run them.
  4. Looks like I will be picking up a couple of new leagues. True junkie here and I play year round. I only play on Fatntrax/CBS as I have all my other leagues on those platforms. I "want" new leagues, but the Stones said it best so will take a look at some existing teams. Been playing for 20+ years, but still have never played in an auction league or AL/NL so I'll stay away from those as well.
  5. Thank you for the offer, but really looking for start-up leagues at the moment.
  6. Be cautious about taking this team. There is a 6 hour draft clock that you do NOT get to use the full time. If you do not make your pick at a certain time that you are not aware of you will be lambasted in front the entire league for not making a pick on time. Just be careful if joining.
  7. VERY active owner. I do not play any other fantasy sports and am a year round GM. Looking for a new league played on Fantrax or CBS. Sorry, but don't play in auction or AL/NL types, but roto or H2H I'm in. Jon jon f gaskins @ gmail
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