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  1. I would stay put. You'd be trading a lot of young talented players with upside for veterans who are on the cusp of being washed up. Murray is just a backup unless Kamara sits out, Gronk hasn't been on the field in a long time. Kupp is great and RJ finished strong last season.
  2. Cooks for sure. I'd lean AP only because it's the dolphins and Bill Callahan seems to be intent on feeding AP. I think Malcolm Brown will likely be TD dependent against the stiff 49ers D.
  3. Woods for sure. TE question is a coin flip, similar situations, but I'd lean Vance
  4. Duke for floor, Fuller for ceiling. With Bouye out and Hopkins drawing Ramsey, I wouldn't be surprised to see a 20 pt game from Fuller
  5. If any kind of ppr then Thompson -- he should get another 10 targets today with the redskins playing from behind
  6. oops -- something came up for this afternoon so I won't be able to join -- sorry & good luck all
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