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  1. You're good either way bud. Personally I think AR has the better game. Buff/NE is going to be a tight to the vest game.
  2. They're getting killed. Sanders isn't going to touch the ball unless it's a pass.
  3. [...] He's had a couple stinker games but WTF do you expect. EVERYBODY wrote him off before drafts. He'll throw for 250 and 3TD's tonight, maybe run one in. I expect tonight's game to have plenty of points. [...] I'm not worried.
  4. Need a TD. that's it. Who's got the best shot? Pollard now with Zeke out. Moestert on a bum wheel. Jeff Wilson the GL vulture.
  5. This guy was my #1 WR in the auction and has been an absolute bum this year.
  6. Miami could very well go into Denver and win that game. But damn, it's Miami.
  7. I've learned to ignore the division matchups, but not traveling. I've also learned to stop trying to save teams for future weeks, because you gotta get to the future weeks to win. I figure if I get to the end, I'll be in the same boat as everyone else. Scraping to find that gem game that nobody wants to take, but you don't much choice. And honestly, that's how you win, being the best at guessing on a week by week basis. Just my .02
  8. The Vikings looked like hammered dogshit against the lowly Bears. But they ALWAYS play us tough, especially in Chicago. IF the Vikings can control the game clock and run the ball vs. Dallas.....they win. But if they struggle or have any turnovers, I don't know. It's a huge freaking gamble. I have the Saints, Cards, Seachickens, Ravens and Titans remaining, and I don't like any of those games with Drew Brees eating through a straw. Options are: Bengals over Washington (ICK) Patriots over Houston (ICK) Eagles over Browns (ICK) Panthers over Lions (ICK) Ravens over Titans
  9. Packers weather looks bad. Template to beat the Packers was the Vikings game. Run, Run, Run. Terrible weather, and run the ball, and you can beat the Packers. I'm scared of that game. Lions vs Wash? NO vs SF? I have a stinky feeling that the packers game is gonna wipe out a TON of people, but I don't like to get 'cute' either. Thoughts?
  10. He was money with Dak. Now I don't know. Whoever wants to win in Dallas may decide to lean on him. Making him a stud. They might also ignore him. Making him a dud. I'm holding to see what happens.
  11. Theilen has been fine because they are airways behind. Some of this stuff requires thinking. <-----golladay owner
  12. They want to be a running team. His numbers will decline.
  13. No Mark Andrews, no Friskner backup in TEN, gotta go with someone. Gives me a reason to watch this sh1+show of a game.
  14. So if Ingram is out, who's in? Edwards or JK? Long term (season playoffs), who's the guy who's gonna take over? The season is longer than we all seem to remember year after year. The Ravens look bad relative to last year. I don't figure that's going to last. The AFC looks to be an open run for seeds. TEN and PIT both look tough. KC looks like they're hungover. After that, I'm not seeing anybody that looks to be a contender. The Running Game in Balt is going to be a game changer at end of season.
  15. They are CERTAINLY, purposely feeding him the ball. That tells me they KNOW he's special.
  16. https://media.giphy.com/media/TlK63ERYSGQsdqG04uc/giphy.gif
  17. https://media.giphy.com/media/TlK63ERYSGQsdqG04uc/giphy.gif
  18. Dak or not, he'll get his. Do not drop him.
  19. Vikings will find a way to piss away this lead. Trust me...................
  20. I hope you're right because I have BOTH of them.
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