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  1. Are they playing him at center? Worries me they still have PJ, Biyombo, and Zeller at C and PJ and Miles at PF...
  2. Would his return bump Kyle out of the starting unit or would he bump from PF to SF?
  3. Would you add Kenyon over House in a 14 team 9cat h2h?
  4. Tucker not playing for Houston anymore.. Does this put House as starting PF? Wall, Oladipo, Tate, Housr, Wood assuming Oladipo stays
  5. 12 team 9cat h2h.. Would you add Nance and drop Steven Adams?
  6. Won't Prince, Love, Allen, and Javale limit Lance's minutes?
  7. Who'd you rather add in 9-cat 14-teamer h2h: Rose or Barton?
  8. Better 3s, better blocks, and better assists. He's doing this under 30 min.. Would this keep up when AD returns?
  9. Played 30 min last night... Anything to see here?
  10. Wasn't Rose Minny's sixth man during Thib's time there? Played 27 min, 18 points/4 assists/0.6 steals/1.1 threes
  11. Are the blocks sustainable in his limited minutes? Last season he had 1.4 threes/11pts/5.6 rbs but only 0.5 blocks in 22 minutes.
  12. How do you 23+min role would affect Cole? Any projection for MCW?
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