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  1. I had last year second half, and drafted him this year. He is hard to own when you see that 2.4 at halftime, but he mostly seems to end around 20. Some games he duds for sure and that’s the risk, but also rare to get a real blowup. I found myself benching him for floor guys with massive target share often and I rarely got burned, and many times he matched them. Not many times did he beat them by a lot. I’m not saying I’ll not draft him, but if it’s between him and a DionJohnson type, I’m taking Dionte.
  2. A a Colts diehard and JTaylor owner Sunday was brutal. JT still got me 20, but to see the Colts completely abandon him and then choke away the game was maddening. I love Reich but that was a disaster. That strategy Made no sense to anyone. Now we’re still fighting for the last Playoff spot. DUMB.
  3. Benched Tyreek and AJBrown in the title game and brought home the chip w ARob and DionJohnson. “Start your studs” gets thrown around way too much. Might be true in week 7, but most in playoffs/finals have multiple “studs”. Football is a game based on matchups and many circumstances. Snow in GB for AJB (+ Jaire A.), Tyreek hammy + limited bc of meaningless game = “sit your studs”. In fairness, ARob was going to start no matter what, but I flexed JTaylor (v PITT D) over everyone and he got almost 20 (Dalvin and Miles RB1&2 + Waller and Herbert - 147 v 115) Started the year 1-
  4. He disappeared half of the 2nd Q. Hoping it doesn’t carry over.
  5. Where the heck is Sanders?? 2nd half disappearing act like JTaylor??
  6. 12 team, full PPR, finished reg season #2 w a bye. Beat the #1 today - so here are the starters. QB | Herbert RB | Dalvin, JTaylor WR | ARob, DionJohnson TE | Waller F | MSanders D | CLE, K | Lutz I benched Tyreek today bc of hammy + meaningless game scenario. Worked out well w DionJohnson getting 22 to Tyreeks 10.5. BENCH | Tyreek, Zeke, AJBrown — MarvinJJr, Jonnu, Pollard, Mattison Opponent - had JRob and Keenan out, but he left Keenan in, and left BCooks on the bench 😳😆 QB | Mahomes RB | DHenry, Ekeler WR | DK, Kee
  7. Benched him for Dionte. Tyreek still did ok w 10.5, but he was very limited.
  8. Is JTaylor hurt? He’s been stuck at 19.4 for a quarter. Him + DionJohnson doing well for me today. Started Dionte over tyreek ⚾⚾
  9. Keep throwing to ARob. I ain’t mad at ya Trub
  10. https://twitter.com/adamschefter/status/1343053909141680128?s=21 Q w Hamstring - “Chiefs will monitor Hill and be smart w him as well” I have 3 other capable WRs - ARob AJBrown DionJohnson. Lineup looks like; RB - Dalvin MSanders (JTaylor) WR - ARob AJBrown (Tyreek) Flex - w no Tyreek would be JTaylor or DionJohnson Or I could start DionJohnson and flex JTaylor and bench AJBrown (tough matchup) Tyreek Hamstring + meaningless game has me worried I’m not feeling like he’ll ply a full game, maybe not even a half Keenan 2.0? Do I si
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