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  1. I'd go with White > Ekeler > Guice > Snell. I like the floors of White and Ekeler most. Snell has a more definitive role/workload than Guice but I think Guice is much more talented and has a chance to go off again.
  2. I think you have to go Snell. You're risking a lot by starting Jacobs and Snell should have a pretty decent floor.
  3. I'm deciding between GB and Pittsburgh myself. The analysts suggest GB/Minn is the better play, but it's hard for me to go against Pittsburgh since I like their matchup and they have scored consistently high points all season. Good problem to have but I'm leaning Pittsburgh.
  4. Guice, Mack, and flip a coin for Pascal vs Kirk. I'm high on Guice and all signs point to Mack having a full workload even though it's a tough matchup.
  5. You have a lot of tough calls. Personally, I would probably start Guice and Penny over Drake and Miller but could easily see the latter two outperforming the former. I'm a big fan of Guice's talent and he's finally had a great showing to back it (albeit against a terrible Carolina run defense) even though he hasn't gotten that many carries. Washington has been solid but hasn't been getting that many targets and I'd still play Alshon and any of your RBs over him at FLEX. I like Mostert a lot but don't think I'd start him with Breida coming back -- too unpredictable of a situation for me. Probably not much help, but I have been debating between Penny and Guice at my FLEX this week (also a Carson owner) and am probably going with Guice.
  6. I need to win Week 14 for playoffs and am pretty uncertain about which three of my RBs to start in 0.5 PPR. Appreciate any input. Here is how I have it right now: 1) Saquon Barkley - he hasn't been very good recently, but he looked better against GB and I'm hoping the big plays come 2) Chris Carson - concerned about Penny, but he produced well against MIN anyway 3) Derrius Guice - point chasing? might not get a heavy workload and it's the Redskins ___ 4) Rashaad Penny - performed well two weeks in a row 5) Marlon Mack - no idea if he'll be back and I'm not sure I can trust him if so 6) Jamaal Williams - decent floor 7) Benny Snell - maybe if Conner isn't back My other starters are QB: Wilson, WR: Evans, Adams, and TE: Kelce. WHIR
  7. Traded Adams for Kupp yesterday, AMA.
  8. Just traded Adams, D. Freeman, and Murray for Barkley and Evans.
  9. 0.5 PPR Traded my McLauren and Mixon for Boyd and Mack Rest of my team: QB: Wilson WR: Adams, Kupp, Fuller, Metcalf RB: Carson, D. Freeman, J. Williams, Murray TE: Kelce
  10. 0.5 PPR I traded Woods and Engram for Kelce and Marvin Jones. Kupp is filling in as my WR2, but I don't have much depth behind him.
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