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  1. I have Fant and Jonnu, but i am strongly considering dropping one of them for Goddert. I am just not sure of which one to drop. I thought Fant had the most upside, but what I saw with big O last week has me concerned. Titans have all their players back, so Jonu seems to be the most boom or bust. What say ye?
  2. Which two RBs....thinking Johnson for sure, but don't know which way to go with Gibson or Gio
  3. Looks like they are all playing, which one do you start this week? Thinking Tonyan is 3rd for me, other two are a toss up.
  4. Can’t decide which one to flex.... Dionte out and against the browns has me leaning Claypool
  5. Which 3 to start this week Tyreek (duh) Kenny G Mclauren Claypool Deebo I have them ranked in the order I want to play them, but not sure about Claypool/Mclauren. Part of me wants to gamble, but it's hard to sit Scary Terry.
  6. I'd stay put on this. Murray scores just as many points as Mahomes honestly
  7. Deebo or Alshon ROS? Gage is also out there.
  8. Gage, harry, mattison in that order for me. Or grab next weeks best defense from waivers
  9. Wentz/drake. Should be plenty of streamable QBs and unlike most I think Wentz turns it around.
  10. Need help with my two starting running backs. Seriously considering starting two rookies. Which two do you play this week? Mixon, D Johnson, J Kelly, A Gibson, Singletary, Dobbins Flexing Golladay over all of the above, so only playing two RBs...WHIR, Thank You!
  11. Me also. I'm pretty tempted even though mixon was my first pick.
  12. Jonnu is on my ww somehow in a 10 team league. Would you drop Fant or Goedert to pick him up? How do you rank these 3 ROS?
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