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  1. If you are stacked at RB i think I would also take Kupp here
  2. Gio matchup is so tough, and there is of course a very small chance mixon plays. However JT's workload is very questionable. True toss up, but i'm a JT believer so I'll say go with him and then assuming mixon is out you have Gio in case you need him to plug in somewhere else in the lineup. Thanks for help on mine!
  3. I wouldn't drop Fulgham, he's a solid WR3 at this point until we're shown otherwise (Reagor, Jeffery, Goedert may eat into his share). so i'd hold him unless you are absolutely stacked at WR and/or this is a 8-10 team league. Help on mine?
  4. Tough one as both are underperforming rn. If you need a potentially late season upside RB and are strong at WR, I think I might take JT here. But if not, Cooper is likely slightly safer, especially if you think Dalton will be back soon. Help on mine?
  5. I think Jonnu is a bit safer unless you feel confident on one of the IND TEs prior to kickoff tonight. Help on mine?
  6. I'm a JT truther so I'd go with him and Gio. But if Drake sits Edmonds might be a better play than gio considering the matchup. I think I'd roll with JT due to having to make a decision at this early point in the week. Help on mine?
  7. I'd go with Amendola, especially if Hock sits as well. Help on mine?
  8. Deep league, superflex redraft. Potential 3-3 trade, made in a win-now mode. I give: Matt Ryan, Ridley, and Jacobi Meyers I get: Tom Brady, Robby Anderson, and Fulgham Thoughts? WHIR if you drop a link!
  9. I'd go packers here, titans D hasn't looked great and burrow looks better each week.
  10. yeah i think i would do this considering the situation and how shallow TE is. Tonyan isn't looking great, nor is fant, but fant has way more ROS upside. I think I'd do it if its the best you can do. Help on mine?
  11. I'd go after Beasley for the consistency. Then shephard or davis. After that not super interested. Help on mine?
  12. I think I would hold here, CEH will retain RB2 value and Fuller has been a borderline WR1.
  13. I agree, go get jones if you can. If you give jacobs and gibson you should be able to get a low end WR plus Jones imo cuz Jones is Q with injury rn and cuz gibson is coming off a breakout game.
  14. I'd do the second trade as Miles is the rare RB that looks to be talented and a workhorse (mostly). first one not as interested i think J Rob is a league winner
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