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  1. I have these same players and I'm going with Aiyuk -- with Deebo out and his performance thus far, I think he's locked in. With Robert Woods, I'm just worried he'll get game scripted out. It's supposed to be a pretty lopsided match, and Akers is heating up.
  2. Tough to bench Lockett in any situation because you know he always has a chance to pop off a huge game. But I think with your other options, I wouldn’t feel bad playing Aiyuk and Gallman. They’ve put up consistently above average to high numbers the last few weeks. They also both receive a ton of work from their teams, not to mention that their teams all have injury/talent issues that make them have to continue to feed these guys. Lastly, they have good matchups this week.
  3. I think Dobbins is still getting the larger share of the workload. The WFT will probably be playing from behind and need to throw the ball more. I’d go with McLaurin this week.
  4. Hey all, looking for some insight, need one from each position: QB: Watson vs IND (tough D and not many weapons for Watson,) Hurts vs. ARI (konami code, but ROOKIE QB,) or Roethlisberger vs CIN (Ben destroyed CIN last time) WR: Woods vs NJ (worried about being game-scripted out, plus Woods thigh concerns,) or Hilton vs HOU (TY is on a heater and he did well a couple of weeks ago vs HOU.) Kicker (lol): Sanders vs NE (NE has done well against rookie QBs, worried they won't move the ball up the field much.) Hopkins vs SEA (low scoring ga
  5. I haven't heard anyone mention the Titans. Contenders for sure. AJ Brown and Antonio Brown? Yes, please.
  6. I can't find any vegas props on potential team signings, has anyone seen any?
  7. He's talking to the people that are asking him to play. Wouldn't you have the same response to *those people? The rest of us understand he's hurt and move on to the next best option.
  8. This is how I feel as well. I can't believe I'm sitting him this week, but I'm chalking it up to a bad matchup, he's right back in there next week.
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