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  1. Gallup is right but cooper injured his quad in the game last week. Not a nagging injury. He has a bruise
  2. White just because his floor is higher than cooper
  3. Still debatable whether DJ actually suited up. I think it was Amir Abdullah in a DJ jersey.
  4. I'll be a voice of dissent. I love singletary and have him on EVERY team I have this year. He is on my bench in EVERy league this week. His usage was weird and frustrating before gore showed that he isn't done. I think he had the chance to pop but could also see him getting 5 touches today. Then again, my choices were all better than tate.
  5. Edmonds and cross your finger he gets goal line work with dj being banged up
  6. You can do it with a Shanahan offense that is clicking. In it's better days, Freeman and coleman were in the top 24 in ppr formats every week. Same thing happening here with good matchups.
  7. Cant go wrong. I'd go with allen unless you felt like you needed a homerun ball. Giants and Arizona have no defense and decent passers.... allen may throw one td pass and hand the ball off for the rest of the game. I could see him have 15 passes this game
  8. I'd 100 percent go with breida. I am running him and coleman in one league.
  9. Murray... too much up in the air about Singletary. There is a good chance he outperforms murray but atleast murray is the man. Singletary might only have 5 touches
  10. Giants fan here..... I think you are forgetting they are fielding a high school defense.
  11. Lazard is out there. Thought about that as well.
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