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  1. I agree with the above, Deebo and Booker for sure. And otherwise has to be CEH and Zeke if playing for upside. Good luck!
  2. It’s close but I like Jacobi as the Pats real top option and they have to throw to someone, good luck!
  3. Has to be Deebo for me! Good luck!
  4. I like Patrick more. I know he had a bad week last week, but Lock is back and he seems to be his favorite target now and they have to throw against the chiefs to keep up. Good luck!
  5. Snell and Pollard. And I guess Henderson? He seems to have faded for the Rams coaches. Good luck!
  6. Allen and Deebo for sure; and I think I’ll give Julio the slight edge. Good luck https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/832498-big-ben-or-kirk-whir/
  7. RB is tough but I’ll go with Gio and Duke who should be involved more in the passing game. Pittman for flex, good luck!
  8. I would roll Dobbins here in a game the Ravens should have a lead during. Good luck!
  9. I will say Drake as well. Tough matchup for Zeke this week. Good luck https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/832498-big-ben-or-kirk-whir/
  10. Seeking help for this tough call. Ben has been good but Pitts D should dominate this game. Kirk on fire, but could be a Cook game. FWIW I also have Justin Jefferson and scooped up the Vikings D. Thoughts? And post links
  11. Yes has to be Ryan for me with that announcement. Good luck
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