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  1. Tried, nobody wanted him and for good reason. I don't get andy reid getting bell just to not use him and tank CEHs value
  2. Have to start should get enough work to get at leas 10 fantasy points
  3. good to stash still. Slot has value and could return value ROS.
  4. been a lot of that in this thread. Hanging on to the past and the few games he was a part of and finished. Those board comments could be false but could also be true and we could be looking at a bust due to missed games. Unfortunately he has no trade value so until he returns (if he does) you're forced to hold
  5. back to muddying up the backfield and making him and edmonds both flex plays
  6. and thats the rhetoric that allows us to keep players that will never produce out of hope. Yes reed is injury prone but when he gets starting reps he will get targets which is more than i can say for andrews now. The targets aren't there and it's TD or bust on a low passing volume with a qb who has taken steps back with a great defense behind him to keep games close. If i had someone like hockenson i would have dropped. Since i don't he's a bench but lets not act like he's a superstar that you can trust. He's a plug and pray at this point
  7. Exactly. and then add onto that the face that he splits the minimal work with bell and people think this TD dependent RB will still return RB2 numbers consistently. There's nothing outside of pure hope, the sting of opportunity cost, and the need for him to be successful on their roster, that has people feeling optimistic. Nothing in the past few weeks has been positive except bell not doing much with his touches
  8. getting close to a drop. Benching for Reid for now. [...]
  9. Alex Smith is here to stay ROS and these dump offs make mckissic and easy pickup in ppr
  10. matchups mean nothing if the qb can't get him the ball...hard to see that changing ROS
  11. stop it he was going late 1st early 2nd waaaaaaaay before edmonds was even being looked at no other reason drake owners would be this upset week after week but you got it
  12. even if he returns do you trust this low volume passing attack in which hockenson gets the redzone looks? I don't but i can't even trade him at this point
  13. As long as carson/hyde are out he has at least flex value but that may come to an end soon. Worth stashing even when both return
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