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  1. Anyone know enough about the Cowboys offense to know if Cooper will be a good fit?
  2. Very true. But, he does have a plus matchup against the Chiefs, so maybe more than 1 of his WRs will eat.
  3. Nick Mensio has Dede as a start and I like his insight a bit. But Scout Fantasy Sports has Cooper ranked a bit higher than Dede so it’s making me wonder.
  4. That’s my dilemma also! Well, throw Sterling into the equation also.
  5. Anyone playing Cooper vs. a supposedly struggling Hayward?
  6. I dropped him thinking he would get shut down by Denzel Ward, so of course he blew up. You're welcome, guys!!
  7. If Fitz playing well doesn't light a fire under him, nothing will. This season will be his make or break into either a star or JAG.
  8. I want to so badly. I had someone try to buy him low after week 1 when he had the dud. I held on and it paid off with his great game in week 2. Now, here I am wishing I sold him after week 2. Fml.
  9. I agree and it's crazy cause it's really only off name alone. If his name wasn't attached and he was just "WR A", he would be riding the waiver wire right now.
  10. No idea what to do with Cooper. Wanted to drop him for Tyler Boyd but couldn't pull the trigger....
  11. So are we all sitting Coop this week? I have Enunwa and Golladay as alternatives...
  12. Report just came out that Greg Olson said they will be moving Cooper around a lot vs. Raiders... But I thought they've been saying that all off-season, so....
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