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  1. In the same boat bruh. Montgomery and Mixon ruined by season.
  2. What a worthless sack of ...... He gone come Tuesday.
  3. Rule #1 - never draft any ASU Scumdevils.
  4. Why would any runningback who values his abilities ever sign up for that hot/cold treatment?
  5. Need 22 points from Joe Mixon tonight. Ya, that's not gonna happen.
  6. MG3 is a feature back. Ekeler is a complimentary piece playing above his abilities in the absence of the feature back. He has shown his versatility so I'm sure the Bolts will try to be more creative in their playcalling - having both of them on the field a little more. Having said that, within a few weeks Ekeler will be nothing more than a flex at best. There was little chance of him carrying the load for an entire season and staying healthy while doing it regardless.
  7. Luckily I benched him for Mike Evans. Won't lie though, I was angry at myself before the afternoon games started. LOL
  8. Prime example of why Nagy is f-in' idiot for restricting this kids reps.
  9. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamnit. Totally pointless to keep him stashed away on my bench now.
  10. Actually the 4th guy was David Montgomery
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