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  1. Remember when people were saying to drop this guy. Haha i love people who overreact to a bad couple weeks.
  2. he played thorugh it and got another 2 assists after it happened, but thats why i think he sat for the rest of game after he subbed out
  3. rob tweaked his ankle, probs holding him out cause of the score, as long as he is healthy for next game i couldnt be happier
  4. man ainge cant do no wrong, the way he handles everything at the top is nothing short of elite. He didnt trade for a big player cause he doesnt need to, we have the pieces they just need to be fit into place
  5. pack her up, i feel good for him, coach said he needs to prove he fits with the starters, man looks like the player we all wanted ainge to trade for this season. LETS GOOOO
  6. Yeah and he just played against arguably the best defensive backcourt duo in the league in d.white and dejounte. He was always gonna struggle in my mind and i was expecting a low scoring high turnover game regardless. Man may be the most reliable 20-10 in the league (besides harden) and if we were expecting 30-10 with all the new additions and rise of their young players we were always gonna be dissapointed. He was always gonna be a offensive maestro coming into the league with no defence but he may be the most talented offensive player in the league pound for pound. He can be frustrating at t
  7. bless your soul, i said earlier that he is top 20 with punt fg% build, but now he is top 20 with none fg% build, he may be fired up for not being in mvp talks as the best player on the best team.
  8. He is, that hustle play he made when he tapped the rebound to kemba, you cant teach **** like that, he is built different.
  9. What in the actual f--- is this man, he is literally playing like its 2k
  10. you not a fan of 14 9 4 with a triple 1? 😕 what does mans have to do?
  11. punt fg% and he is top 20 value, got him lillard trae freddy, LETS GOOO
  12. doubt he ever plays 35 mins a night for a while unless he somehow becomes a more efficent shooter, he deserves high 20s maybe even 30 but to average more mins than hayward or melo would be a disservice to the team
  13. imagine getting covid, only playing 8 games this season so far, injuring your foot twice and then not being given at least 1 game to shake off rust. poor guy
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