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  1. I 10000% hope he comes off the bench too. Too many mouths in the starting lineup and could really feast running the 2nd unit. Might have a very decent chance at 15 and 6 wih 3 triples and 1 steal the ROS
  2. Flipped hayward for this man as KP about to take off, regardless if he stays or gets traded
  3. hahah nah i cant convey sarcasm across text too well, i know it wasnt you i was being sassy towards the other dude xx lonzo fans are united as one ❤️
  4. just @ing you to let you know that lonzo over the past 30 days is averaging: 16 PTS, 4.5 REBS, 5.5 ASTS, 1.5 STLS, 0.5 BLKS, 4 3PMS, 46% FG, 84% FT man has levelled up, and is averaging near 7 assists over the last 2 weeks cause they have changed the offence to be more around him zion and ingram instead of ball share with bledsoe. So i told you so? idk hey, this kid is a fantasy monster and will be for many years to come.
  5. The biggest positive we can take away from the last 4 games is that he is still shooting his shot and the rest of his stats are there, if his shot starts falling his stat lines will be great!
  6. I LOVE NBS SPORTS EDGE WRITERS SAYING THAT YOUNG WAS DISAPPOINTING AFTER DROPPING 28 AND 12. I know it was on piss poor fg% but lordy 28 and 12 is incredible no matter the player.
  7. This is actually very encouraging, if its less than a week we have been blessed by the lord himself
  8. I hope we have all learnt our lesson and staart trusting that lonzo is a top 50 player this year. Even if he does get traded. They sat bledsoe late and it looks like they are running more plays through lonzo every game. Strap in lads its about to take off.
  9. 13 pts 5 asts 2 stls 2 threes, foul trouble. YUM, but remember he isnt good
  10. dude relax, the stats dont lie, over the last month he is top 40, we defend because we can back it up, you only pipe up after 1 bad game a week. if he was playing like at start of season fair enough, but he isnt he is playing well now.
  11. oh no he called me kid because his feelings got hurt
  12. bet he is the same person that tries selling high on OUBRE after his 40 point performance
  13. Relax, he was getting burnt on defence by simmons all game and didnt look good. the mask he was wearing probs didnt help with his game, even superstars have off games let him be.
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