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  1. I dropped him and picked him back up this season because the offense just looked so bad that I didn't think it would be able to sustain 2 playable wide receivers. If DJ is out next week from that concussion, I am guessing Texans will be forced to throw a ton and Cooks and Cobb should be the beneficiary of the underneath short passes. A lot of TD potential for both Fuller and Cooks.
  2. Could be a bunch of things. He probably also needed some more time with Ryan to get the routes and timing down as well. I think it's been pretty understated how the lack of a preseason hinders a new player's transition to a new offense.
  3. This offense is not run heavy enough to sustain 2 running backs. CEH becomes super td dependent now. Bell looks like an elite handcuff. In a 12 teamer, I’d only be comfortable with CEH as a flex or bye week RB2, a far cry from the top10 draft position.
  4. You’re basically stashing him to see if he can take over the starting job in a few weeks. He’s just too risky to start. Taylor’s stock has taken a major hit.
  5. Just gotta monitor his practice status later this week. Way too early to panic just yet. What a return though. Put an end to any time share or split carry talk. He pretty much does everything better than Davis.
  6. I think his role is just going to get bigger. Ryan is looking for him more. Can probably average 6 receptions for 50 yards with potential for much more RoS
  7. Golladay not in the game and doesn’t seem to be on the sidelines. 😑
  8. Rapaport is saying tomorrow at 4pm is the deadline:
  9. Sounds like a bitter Saquon owner projecting his insecurities onto the rest of us.
  10. He fractured his left index finger and he's right handed. It might affect his control/ball security after catching the ball but he should be able to play on it if he tapes the two fingers together. I'm not so sure about Week 9 though, that does seem a bit optimistic. I am planning for Week 10 just in case.
  11. The Bears had their first 40 yard pass all year and it was Robinson who caught that. Not even air yards, just 40+ yard completion. Through the better part of the 7th game. That should tell you all you need to know about this Bear's passing attack.
  12. I'm still gunshy after he posted a goose egg when Godwin was out. On paper, yeah he's a decent flex but man did that 0 pt game sting.
  13. Bucs have the best rushing defense in the league but Gallman does well catching out of the backfield. To me, he's probably the lowest rated injury streamer RB this week after Boston Scott, Bernard, Hyde and the roulette in SF. Maybe tied with Gus Edwards.
  14. The upside of the thursday game is that if he sits, he still leaves you with all options available. But if he's playing, then he's in my lineup, snapcount or decoy risk be damned.
  15. This situation is getting more fluid by the hour lol.
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