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  1. Tannehill and Brown have been unstoppable. The Titans are on fire. How do you bet against that? They're in a certain shootout .vs. NO. With Thielen...are we comfortable with 0-8 Kirk in primetime? With the fact that they're already locked in the playoffs and have nothing to really play for? No way man. Go with the beast that has been tearing it up. He could easily double Theilens looks. I dont care if its Lattimore or not thats what I want...freak talent and looks.
  2. Absolutely Parker over Edelman. No question. Fitz is looking his way constantly...hes producing...and he has a good matchup. Edelman is hurt, plays a terrible matchup, and Pats O isn't nearly what it used to be. I mean just look at Edelmans stats man...so average.
  3. It seems there is an awful lot of activity in here .vs. other forums. Why don't we have weekly "rank em" thread for each position? I feel like there are enough guys in here who would take the time to contribute. Is that something that the Mods would allow? We take the top 20-30 guys for each position and then we rank them how WE see fit. I like to look at quantity...I like to see what the average is over many different people. None of us are experts here...but we all provide different points of view and they're unique and in some ways superior to the so-called "experts" ...none of
  4. Well...Denver is definitely safer...but the Ravens have the higher ceiling. The question is...do you need your DEF to pull you out of a potential stinker? If so then go Baltimore...cocky Mayfield is going to try and play catchup with Lamar. The Ravens are a totally diff team than earlier in the season...they're on fire. Mayfield is due for a ton of turnovers. I'd go Baltimore. Go big or go home. Denver with their rookie QB could easily give away points to the pathetic Lions because he makes some mistakes...I don't want to put my championship in a rookies hands. I want the best team in th
  5. I know people like what they see on paper...but I say hell no to Gordon. I don't trust the Chargers at all right now, and that guy was terrible last week. Boone or Bust....hes been dubbed the league winner. I'm currently starting him over Drake/Lindsay...and they have awesome matchups. Ofcourse...this assumes Cook/Mattison are reportedly not coming back on Sunday morning. If there is any doubt that they might come back then go Gordon because I wouldn't like a time-share. Please help.
  6. Your 2 stud RB's. Don't overthink. WR - Perriman / Landry ....Landry is going to be getting tons of looks .vs. a secondary that has been bending a lot lately. They're going to be playing from behind. Flex - Miller K - Sanders ...MIA just always finds a way to screw up and not get points...this is also a critical game in the draft position battle...they aren't going to be trying as hard as they can no matter what anyone says... Please help.
  7. I hate to do it but...if you're having to choose between the two then go with the red-hot Titans that are facing NO over my beloved Phins. As much as Parker has finally proven he can be what we wanted him to be when we drafted him, and as much as Fitzpatrick loves throwing him the ball...I was very nervous last week. So many times Fitz had Parker open but was choosing to neglect him and I didn't understand it! Parkers 2nd TD was meaningless at the end of the game and he otherwise would have had a more average day. Brown's upside is higher. But you might want to consid
  8. Get rid of Julio...he has his huge week for you last week and hes back down to being average imo...when you have the talent on your roster...you don't want to go with an aged man who has had some ailments. I think hes risky...hes "safe" to get you some receptions and like 60-90 yards but is that what you want? No...drop AJ Brown into that #1 slot and go all-in on the red-hot Titans. Put Tannehill at QB. Now is the hard part....Fuller or Perriman? ...I don't trust Winston...I was just as shocked as anyone last week with his thumb n all...but forget that...he has always been a roller
  9. I don't trust Lockett to get the looks he got last week despite this being an amazing matchup. Wilson spreads the ball too much. I'd go with A.J. Brown who many have dubbed a league winner. Tennessee is on fire...and they're going to be playing .vs. the Saints in a high scoring affair. Think about it...what if Lockett doesn't get those looks, the Seahawks run up the score and then just run Carson the whole game? I don't like that situation at all. Please help. I have a serious dilemma myself. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/792447-my-first-ever-championship-lineup-w
  10. I would stick with Boone so long as they're both ruled out. Look at my situation...I'm contemplating Boone, Drake, and Lindsay....its a nightmare dilemma, but right now I'm going with the man dubbed "league winner".... The only other RB I'd consider is AP, but I wouldn't play him over Boone. Please help.
  11. Sanders and Boone so long as BOTH Cook and Mattison sit out. If either were to be reported as coming back...then thats a tough call between the timeshare of Boone and Singletary who has been fumbling and is in a terrible matchup. Please help.
  12. It comes down to this...you either go with the safe choice or the higher ceiling. I think Baltimore has the higher ceiling given that they're playing for the #1 seed, will run the score up on Cleveland, and are facing a cocky QB with an inferiority complex .vs. Lamar. With Brady and NE DEF though you have a nice little combo. If the D gets a turnover then you're likely to get paid off with Brady points too...and were talking about one of the best D's in recent years. Plus Singletary has been dropping those fumbles... Its a really hard one...I'd say go safe so long as y
  13. Lindsay. I was so upset with him last week...but I feel like hes due for a rebound and i like the matchup. I'm debating between him or Boone myself. That shows you how much I believe in him because everyone thinks Boone is going to be a league winner... Please help.
  14. Its definitely between Perriman and Fuller for me. I think Fuller is DUE...I absolutely love him...look at the history he's had with Watson in the past. This is a very strange year, but we know he was hurt. I think with Kenny Stills getting the targets last week this means Fuller will be getting those deep balls this week against the best matchup you could ever ask for. I understand Perriman had an amazing week last week...but look at his career history too. Hes been MIA his whole career and had little moments here n there...this was one of those. I think his success was be
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