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  1. After what happen to will fuller in the first quarter I’m not taking my chances and starting Kirk. I’m going with Golladay over him.
  2. Guys help! I’m down right now and I need my qb to do good. Baker or goff?
  3. Same boat. I think I’m going with philly. Drew lock is the real deal.
  4. I have kanas city defense and philly defense. Which one should I choose? My flex position: David Montgomery or Christian Kirk?
  5. He’s a must start today. Throughout his career his games have been good against Tennessee.
  6. They’re gonna feed Chubb the ball. I give baker at least one touchdown to Landry and 250 passing yards.
  7. Starting Goff this week against a banged up Dallas defense. It’s gonna be a shootout.
  8. I’m in the semifinals. Should I start baker mayfield vs Arizona or Jared Goff vs DAL?
  9. My opponent has cupp. Should I start baker mayfield or Jared Goff?
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